Bond Movies: Tracing The Cinematic Changes From Doctor No To Quantum Of Solace

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Bond Movies: Tracing the cinematic changes from Doctor No to Quantum of Solace
"Bond, James Bond." was voted as the #22 movie quote by the American Film Institute and as #51 of “The 100 Greatest Movie Lines” by Premiere. And he is the only literary character who is known to everyone, shallow or not, his popularity is known to each one.
Before we go any further lets divide the Bond Movies in four significant patterns. First wave of Bond movies shall belong to time period of Sean Connery. The second wave shall belong to Roger Moore. Third wave belongs to Pierce Brosnan and lastly the fourth and the recent wave belongs to Daniel Craig. I have not included Timothy Dalton’s contribution as James Bond since he can only be credited for two Bond movies which were not even as famous as the above four Bonds’. George Lazenby’s movie stands alone as an exception and his movie is discussed in detail.
Doctor No was the first bond movie that was released in the theatres in 1962, the sixth novel in the order Ian Fleming wrote. The movie undoubtedly was an instant hit with a gross collection of $59,600,000 worldwide. Sean Connery became the first James Bond and a successful one right after his first Bond movie. James Bond became the most memorable character he ever played on screen. George Lazenby came in second in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Critics have divided themselves into clans for this one, few praise Lazenby for bringing the actual James Bond of the books who is at times jittery and scared, but some guffaw at Lazenby’s poor performance as Bond when compared to the fearless Bond that Connery created. Next Bond movie, Lazenby thrown out and Connery is back with Diamonds Are Forever who now seems as old as M himself. Roger Moore comes in third and probably the least favourite of Bonds, even though he is the first Englishman to be cast as Bond (Connery is Scottish, but isn’t James Bond also half-Scottish? Well film-makers certainly forgot to read all the books!). Moore did seven Bond movies and acclaimed only for two, viz., The Spy who loved me and For Your Eyes Only. Next up Timothy Dalton, does two movies and sadly remembered for none. Pierce Brosnan is the new James Bond in a new avatar who finally decides to throw away the toupee that has been a Bond’s best friend. He does three Bond movies which are not based on any of Fleming’s books. New kid on the block is Daniel Craig - second English actor and the very first blonde to play James Bond who does some path breaking business in his Bond business.
So now we ask why we are fussing over so many actors who played James Bond. The answer is - we have to. This essay is not about how the Bond in the novel is different from the Bond on celluloid. The argument would take a whole new level if that was the case. Here we focus on how there has been several changes from the first James Bond that we saw in Sean Connery to the new James Bond we see in Daniel Craig. And what can be the reason for these...

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