Bonk: A Curious Coupling Of Science And Sex

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"Bonk: A curious Coupling of Science and Sex" begins with the beginnings of the study of sex, starting with our attempts to learn about human sex from animal sex. She makes sure to cover the most important researchers and the critique that the public held. Roach (2008) proceeded to talk about the processes that Masters and Johnson used to start understanding the female orgasm, which led her to question if and why women can achieve orgasm from a robotic piston. Afterward, she covers some myths, one of which was started by Napoleon's Great-Granddaughter, about female sex (Roach, 2008). The most common myth that was covered was that women whose clitoris is more than an inch from their urethra are hard challenged to reach climax (Roach, 2008). After that, Roach (2008) covers the thought that if the female obtains an orgasm, there is a higher chance that she will become pregnant. In chapter five, Roach (2008) discusses coital imaging, and even discusses her own experience with it. For a few chapters after this, she covers male impotence, including potential cures for erectile dysfunction, be it surgical or with implants, Testicular grafts, and Penile transplants (Roach, 2008). In chapter 9, Roach (2008) explains the mindset that states that the clitoris is a biologically under-developed penis. She then talks about a highly touchy topic, pardon the pun: masturbation, or namely the potential health benefits of masturbation (Roach, 2008). After that, she covers several curious cases of orgasm that occur either in the handicapped, on places that are not erogenous, or even in the dead (Roach, 2008). She later covers the mental disconnect in terms of sexual arousal. She then covers the vaginal reflexes in sex, as well as the works of a man named “Shafik” (Roach, 2008). She then moves on to the effects of hormones, then covers what makes for great sex (Roach, 2008).
Mary Roach's “Bonk: A Curious Coupling of Science and Sex” is a book that challenges writing conventions quite thoroughly, as it is rare to see a book aimed at the general public that covers the topic of sex so frankly. The book is written with a solid blend of fact and humor, allowing people to laugh at topics that they would never even think of bringing up in a setting with a stranger. She does a good job in that regard, and she does make sure to leave no stone unturned. My biggest personal issue with the book is that she spends a large amount of her time on seemingly random musings, irrelevant information, and the like. This makes her book a bit of a slow read.
Despite my discontentment with the slow read, I feel that she does a really solid job in discussing the history of this field, and the people who propelled us through sexual psychology. She made sure to refer to many people, to the point that I cannot recall any unsupported claim. One thing that is interesting to me is that this book does not actually cover topics the class or text have covered. I feel this is because of America's...

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