Bonus Pay: Not Needed For Me!!

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By definition, bonus pay is a term that describes pay above stated compensation and may include performance-related pay. Bonus pay, as a part of a merit pay system, can provide rewards for workers who perform their jobs at, above and beyond measurable criteria as stated by policy makers. Used predominately in service-oriented careers such as teaching or sales marketing, bonus pay can richly reward employees for hard work but can also create various work-related issues at all levels of the organization. In this paper, I will describe my personal history of bonus pay to the reader, discuss a recent article published about bonus pay, explain the significance of bonus pay to employees and organizations alike, take a scriptural view on the topic and introduce my final view on the topic.
I was introduced to the concept of bonus pay first-hand when I was hired on at Convergys in Longview, Texas in June 2013. Bonus pay was awarded to employees at Convergys for meeting a variety of pre-assigned goals. These goals were updated monthly by both our organization as well as that of the company we were subcontracted to, AT&T. As a call center employee, we were required to take calls and assist AT&T customers in all aspects of their cellular phone services, broadband internet services and cable television services. We were expected to treat our customers with the upmost respect and give them the best possible solutions to fit their needs and desires. At Convergys in January 2014, bonus pay was viewed as a bonus incentive in addition to our base pay to entice us to go above and beyond the normal of our scope. Incentives were offered based on our performance in a number of different scores. These included the following: First, our individual willingness to recommend or “WTR” scores. This was a score that could range from -100 to 100. Our company goal was a 45 for the entire site,


which included over 150 call center agents. If any agent achieved a score of above 50, they would receive a $ 100.00 add-on bonus to their pay. If the same agent had a WTR rating above 60, the bonus would increase to $ 250.00. Our second number that was used was our representative satisfaction or “Rep Stat” scores. Again, this was a number based on a -100 to 100 point scale, but the site goal was 75. Any agent that scored above 80 received an additional $ 100.00 bonus; those above 85, received $ 200.00. These incentives to many agents seemed as achievable goals.
However, both these incentives had a conditional requirement. That requirement was that the call center agent would have to receive twenty-five completed surveys for the month, which the agent would have no control over who would receive the survey request, much less encourage those who did receive such a request to complete it. Additionally, regardless if we made these goals or not, we were...

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