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Book Essay

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Alex Murphy lived with her mother, her father and her brother Brandon in a big beige house at the end of the cul-de-sac on Oak Street that was nearly identical to every other house on Oak Street. The house was located at the edge of a beautiful suburban development just outside the center of town. It was considered a particularly nice, normal place to live- the type of place where lawyers, accountants and doctors liked to live and commute exactly one hour to their jobs every day.

The subdivision backed up to a lovely estate, surrounded by acres of farmland and forests. No one knew how big the estate was, just that the forest seemed to stretch on for miles, as large as any state park. Alex’s mother liked to tell people that they lived out in the country. But of course she meant the expensive kind where the only farmland was farmland purchased by the state for millions of dollars and subsidized by taxpayers. Mrs. Murphy would beam when visitors gushed over the fresh air or the sound of birds chirping. This always seemed to make Alex’s father uncomfortable.

The little community wasn't only beautiful by day but also by night. Closer the center of town, the lights from the highway drowned out the stars even on the clearest of nights. On summer nights, when her mother’s family would come over for barbecues, they would ohhh and aww over the stars. Alex knew this made her father even more uncomfortable.

Still the Oak Tree subdivision was considered a very nice place to live and that made Mrs. Murphy very happy. Yet, Alex knew there was one thing about the neighborhood that made Mrs. Murphy very unhappy.

It all started, shortly after Mr. and Mrs. Murphy got married. They began searching for a house to raise a family. They wanted to live in a nice quiet subdivision, where there were no criminals, motor cycles, neighbors who did not mow their lawn, people with tattoos, neighbors who kept to themselves, dogs of a certain kind, elderly women with too many cats, people who were too fat, or people who were too religious. Well, Mrs. Murphy wanted all of these things.

Personally, Mr. Murphy would rather stay in their condo where the city lights drowned the stars and there were no dark creatures lurking in the forest but Mrs. Murphy wasn't one for letting him decide things. Anyway, her father wanted his wife to be happy, so she wouldn't notice when he engaged in forbidden activities like watching football, drinking soda, not matching his socks or tinkering with his home-built computer.

This was the first reason Mr. Murphy never said no to his wife.

Now, Mrs. Murphy prided herself on being very normal. In fact, it was her sole goal in life to be that kind of normal that was better than everyone else. She was extraordinarily beautiful, with thick wavy brown hair, big brown eyes, a curvy figure and little white hands that fluttered when she got excited. This was the second reason Mr. Murphy never said no to his wife. Mr. Murphy more on the average...

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