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Book Assesment Essay On You Can't Take My Planet, But Take My Brother, Please

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The novel, “You Can’t Take My Planet, But Take My Brother, Please”, is about a 13 year old boy, Giles. He has an intelligent big brother and a talented little sister. He wished to be as talented as his little sister Nikki, and as smart as his big brother, Bobby. But he’s only as average as everybody. He describes himself as a, “dork with no brain.” When he runs to the woods to cool off he has an alien encounter. With Jerry as an alien realtor, Queen Mooby, and King Zoodle. The alien king and queen were deciding to buy the planet. Giles had though that they should not. Giles has seen the brochure for this planet on sale. He even has been warned by a shrunken head that Earth’s humans would be kicked out and aliens in. He couldn’t let that happen so he went on a mission to save Earth. What I thought about this novel is that it is humorous, well-written, and had some science references in the story as I read along.
Aliens, robots, rockets, shrunken heads that talk, and planets being sold, are some sort of science. It also adds in science references and terms dealing with space, like the word intergalactic. And the imagery made reading the story fun. Because when they described the aliens features I could imagine how they looked like. The society of aliens is pretty weird, and they have weird ways of adapting and using things on Earth. In chapter three Queen Mooby wanted to storage gardening supplies in the pyramids, even though you can’t garden in desserts. And the robots that can turn paper into trees.
Giles, is the main character, he is the middle child in his “sandwich” family. And wishes to be great like his siblings, Nikki and Bobby. He lives with his little sister, big brother, and his grandmother in New York in a small apartment, because his parents are on a business trip in Malaysia called Nimmer & Nimmer. Jerry is an E.T. realtor selling Earth to other aliens of different species. Tula is the girl Giles saw with human features but with pale sky blue skin and cotton candy yellow hair (I think he likes her). He wonders in the forest where he meets his...

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