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Book Assignments For English Class English Assignment

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Independent Novel Reading Project Choices
Select one (L = Longer) assignment to complete and one (S = Smaller) assignment related to your novel. These will be due Nov. 30. You will be taking an online assessment about your novel on (before) Nov. 30.
1. L: Before and After Before you read your book, write a journal entry discussing what you already know about its subject and what you expect the book to cover. After you finish the book, circle or underline the predictions that proved to be correct. Write another journal entry about what was in the book that you didn’t expect.
2. L: Finding Connections What books, TV shows, movies, graphic novels, web sites, and songs does your book remind you of? List as many similarities as you can think of, and write a journal entry (approx. 1 page) discussing them. Then list what seems original to you in the book you’re reading and write a second page about this.
3. L: Fan Letter Write a letter to the author of your book explaining what you like about it. (If the author is dead, write to the book’s publisher or to a descendent of the author.) Use some general ideas in your letter, and support each generalization with specific examples from the book. It’s acceptable to give one gentle suggestion for a way the book might have been improved. In your letter, show off how well you know the book.
4. L: Let’s Put on a Play Write a scene of the climax/main idea of the novel. Needs to be 2-3 pages in length. Use some dialogue from the book, adapting it to represent the high point of the novel. Optional: Make a video of your performance.
5. L: Backstory What’s the story behind your book? List the events that took place before your book began. Scan back through what you’ve read to find the places where your author described or hinted at this backstory. Write down the page numbers and take notes on what you find. Turn in typed notes and a completed essay summary of what you’ve found to be the backstory to your novel.
6. S: Memorable Moments Make a list of what you think you’ll probably remember from the book you’re reading. For each item on your list, explain what makes it memorable. Is it related to your own life? Useful to you? Surprising? Emotional? Funny?
7. L: One Sentence Summaries In one sentence, summarize each chapter you’ve read so far. Get as many main ideas as you can into your sentence, but be sure it’s not a run-on sentence or a sentence fragment.
8. L: Publish Your Own Newspaper Create a newspaper that would relate to your characters, setting and time period. Include an editorial related to events in your novel, an obituary about a character, a ‘Headline News’ article telling the who/what/when/where why/how of an event from the novel, a cartoon/comic strip and an advertisement. Include pictures too.
9. S: Literary Devices Identification Does your book contain similes (such as “My love is like a red, red rose”) or metaphors (“My love is a red, red rose”) and other literary...

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