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Book: Bill Gates Author: Adam Woog

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Bill GatesI chose to read the book on Bill Gates by Adam Woog because it is a biography on Gates, and I wanted to learn how the richest man in the world got started in computers.Bill Gates' life has been an interesting one. He is famous for his work in the computer industry. His most important connection was with Microsoft. He is known for becoming the youngest billionaire in 1987. In l997, Forbes Magazine named Bill Gates the richest individual in the world.Gates was born William Henry Gates III in Seattle, Washington on October 28, 1955 to William and Mary Gates. He has two sisters, Kristianne and Libby. His family nicknamed him "Trey" to distinguish him from the rest of the "Bills" in the family.When Bill Gates was in grade school, he loved science and math. He got interested in computers when he visited the 1962 World's Fair in Seattle where he saw the Univac mainframe computer.During his childhood, Bill was good in tennis and water-skiing. He was also active in the Boy Scouts. He was a bright kid who read the entire World Book Encyclopedia by the time he was age nine. He was a workaholic and always did more than he was suppose to do. One time, he wrote a fourteen-page paper on the human body during a one-hour period when everyone in the class turned in a single page.Towards the end of his elementary school years, Bill began having problems with his behavior. His parents sent Bill to a psychiatrist for a year and a half. His parents finally decided to send him to Lakeside, an all-boys school, to straighten him out.At Lakeside School, Bill met Paul Allen. The two of them became introduced to the teletypewriter, which in turn introduced them to the world of computing. Bill would skip classes to work on the teletypewriter.During his senior year at Lakeside, Bill and Paul decided to build their computer around a new chip. Bill and Paul bought a chip for $360 and got Paul Gilbert, a hardware expert, to help them. Paul Gilbert later became a partner. Bill and Paul Allen's first company was...

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