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Book Of Mormon Reflection Essay

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Lately, through the study of the Book of Mormon, I have been thinking about the Plan of Salvation and its effects in our lives. God’s plan requires us to constantly work towards our salvation because he desires us to achieve happiness. However, in the current society we are continuously deceived and usually we aren’t able to avoid temptations, falling prey of the desires of the world. Why do we fall into pits of darkness even though we know the truth? We take actions similar to those of Nephi’s brethren who were preached the gospel through his younger brother. Even though Nephi strived to persuade them they did not listen to his counsel. Similarly we may at some point have ignored the counsel given by real friends, family or Church authorities. Because of these actions, instigated by worldly desires, we lose the Spirit of Christ and are unable to reach His light. Satan also went through this process and caused much pain unto the Father. In Second Nephi ...view middle of the document...

Pride is like a cancer, it can be spread throughout our bodies and take control of our lives. It can bring a sudden end to it because of its nature. When we become full of pride our faith crumbles and gives the adversary to take advantage of those moments of weakness. However, our Father knew this would happen and prepared His word in order for us to receive it through His prophets. We can build our faith if we are willing to climb that mountain of adversity. We are not promised it will be a simple task, but we are promised glory after this life. That is, eternal joy through the fulfillment of our Heavenly Father’s plan.
The pillar of The Plan of Happiness was Jesus Christ atonement. The Book of Mormon shows the process of repentance, even in the hearts of their prophets. Alma the younger is a great example of the changes brought by the Lord’s light. We are reminded of our Father’s love and Jesus Christ love because of His eternal sacrifice. He came and cleaned the sins of the world and suffered for all of us so that we could stand during the judgment day. Through the process of repentance we are also able to build our faith and learn of how to endure to the end. Many prophets knew their actions would cost them their lives. Abinadi gave his life willingly, but not until he had passed God’s words. He had no doubt in his mind that by preaching righteousness he could obey God until the very end.
Today, missionaries around the world give a tithing of the first twenty years of their lives. They serve by preaching the veracity of the Book of Mormon because they know it s the only path that can bring us unto the Father once again. They are the guidance given on our times. Alma 38: 12 says, “Use boldness, but not overbearance; and also see that ye bridle all your passions, that ye may be filled with love; see that ye refrain from idleness.” Our prophets provide their guidance through the Book of Mormon. They share God’s love and give counsel for our times, for today’s adversities. The Book of Mormon reminds us that if we avoid pride and willingly accept the word of God we will be filled with His strength to do what He desires of us and, some day, return to His presence.

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