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Book Over Movies Essay

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Reading books gives the power to increase the imagination of anyone by bringing out the emotion within ourselves creating a movie like experience in our head.
Imagination is the ability to form a picture in your mind of something that you have not seen or experienced. It is the key to comprehending or understanding books, but in movies it’s the film-makers vivid image. But not all the time will the film-maker create the image you imagine. There are more than 500 readers which means there are that many different views or ideas each book. And when you’re reading books you tend to put yourself in the characters shoes. A good example would be the Hunger Games movie verses the book because when you are reading you visualize the training Katniss went through was in more detail in the book expressing all her emotions she felt. In the movie it was shown how she felt not much detail involved explain to you how determine and or how stubborn she could have been.
Emotion plays a big part in both books and films, but in movies it is shown rather than explained like in books. To all the people who read books before movies you probably understand without emotion in either a book or film , there’s no attraction you have to keep you interested. In order to actually relate with characters you would have to feel what they feel in which you would get with reading because in films it depends on the actors and how well they express feelings like the characters would. Like Hannah, in Jay Asher’s Thirteen Reasons Why, you can connect with her in the book because of her rage as she tells her stories throughout the tapes. And because of the details Asher includes to give you the image of a teenage girl dealing with drama in high-school in which she decides she can’t take anymore. But let’s just say the actor posing to...

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