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One of the books I have chosen for my book fair is "Private Peaceful" by Michael Morpurgo. I have only read one half of the book and I find it quite interesting. It is set in the times of World War One and the author describes the past childhood of the main character, Tommo, and his present state in the war really well as time passes by.
The main characters in this book are Thomas Peaceful (Tommo), his brothers Big Joe Peaceful, and Charlie Peaceful, his childhood friend Molly, his great aunt (aka Grandma) Wolf and the owner of their property, The Colonel. All the characters are related to each other.
At the beginning of the book, Tommo is a young man fighting in the trenches of WW1 and something terrible is going to happen to his brother that he can do nothing about. At that moment, he takes a look back to his childhood, trying to remember all the good memories, to take his mind off what is going to happen. Tommo does this in the space of one night with paragraph at the start of each chapter telling you about the what he is doing now, and the rest is Tommo remembering.

The first memory he thinks back to was how he and Charlie used to go to school together and how scared he was on his first day. "Charlie is always there for me" he think as Charlie is leading him into the building. We learn much about Charlie's character when he doesn't complain when the principle hits him. Charlie is seen then as someone who isn't afraid of anything and is also Tommo’s role model. The shocking part of this chapter for me was when Tommo explains how “he killed” his father and if Charlie was there no of this would have happened. This also shows how much Tommo respects Charlie and somewhat views him as perfect. Meanwhile, Tommo meets ,and falls in love with a girl named Molly that’s in his class at school and who helps him ties his shoes. She gets really attached with the Peaceful family, and she starts to become a regular guest at their house. The boys Mom treats her like 'the daughter she never had.' When hard times hit the peaceful family, Charlie and Tommo poach...

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