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Book Report On Head Case By Sarah Aronson

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I read the book Head Case by Sarah Aronson.

Frank Marder: Frank is the main character of the book. When he is seventeen, Frank makes a poor decision to drink and drive after a party. He crashes his car and kills two people and is paralyzed from the neck down. The struggle of dealing with his paralysis is a reminder of the accident that he must learn to cope with every day. At the end of the book, Frank learns to accept his condition and becomes grateful for what he still is able to do.

Frank’s Parents: Frank’s parents take countless hours each day helping Frank and making sure that he has anything he needs. They must learn to adapt to a selfless life of putting Frank’s needs before their own. Although this is often difficult and frustrating, they eventually come together as a family to make the best of their situation.

Ruth Stein: Ruth is the mother of Meredith Stein, Frank’s girlfriend that was killed in the accident. After her daughter’s death she had a heavy and unforgiving heart, but as the story progressed, Ruth was able to forgive and was one of Frank’s biggest supporters. She wrote on a blog as “anonymous” and told people that they should not be so hard on Frank-- he is paralyzed for the rest of his life.

It only took one night to change the life of seventeen-year-old Frank Marder forever. On a Saturday night, Frank was at a party with his friends having a great time. They were dancing, and talking, and drinking. After the party, and a few too many drinks, he was driving his girlfriend, Meredith, home and he crashed. Frank killed two people that night: Meredith and an old man crossing the street.
Along with killing two people because of his poor decision that night, Frank was paralyzed from the neck down. Unable to move his arm, legs, and any lower extremities, he must rely on someone else to feed him, move him, and wash him. This struggle and lack of independence is an everyday reminder of what he did that night that he will have to live with forever. His emotions continue to well up inside him and make his life miserable, as everyone is against him and wants him punished for his mistake. He realizes one day how to move beyond his mistake and to cherish the small things he used to take for granted.

Consequences of your mistakes: Frank’s decision to drink and drive ended in the...

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