School As A Therapy For Children

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Depression occurs in teenagers when a horrific event such as the loss of a parent has occurred and this leads to suicide most times. Losing a parent takes a part of a child’s innocence away and a piece of themselves as well. Children depend on their parents as they are our caretakers and are the ones that teach us about life. When that is taken away children are left with pain, confusion and thoughts that they regret. It is all about learning how to cope and when you have a child so young in age; it is very difficult to explain things in a way that they understand. Men, women, and children all grieve in different ways, but almost everyone feels the same pain another person is going through when the loss of a family member occurs. When children lose a parent, this can leave them scared in so many ways and helping children cope with that loss is a mission that was never meant to be easy. Teachers can help students in ways that others cannot but when school is looked at as a dreadful place rather than a support center, children will do everything they can to not go. School is a place for children to learn and to have fun with their friends, but when one loses a parent, this is a place that is avoided for a lot of young people. Trouble in school, the use of drugs, depression, truancy and isolation are just some of the many problems that children are at risk for when such a devastating event happens. Teachers should be supportive, and acknowledge the fact that each student is different and has different needs. School should be an environment that children should not want to run away from at such difficult times. From the book “Grief Girl”, Erin Vincent was constantly struggling with the different treatment from her teachers at school. Some of her teachers showed compassion with what had happened and expressed open arms towards her, and others just could not wrap their brains around why she was acting the way she was. A lot of the times teachers are unaware of the strain the loss of a parent causes on a child, making it extremely difficult to even talk to them. The amount of pressure they experience at school from their peers and teachers during their loss can be overwhelming at times. It is a teacher’s job to understand that the child’s pain is overtaking their lives and to learn how to handle them at their weakest moments. Children’s behaviors change drastically during these tough times, meaning one minute they might want to talk about the situation and then the next they could run outside and want to play. That is why it is so important to be patient with kids and show them you care so they do not react in a way that is violent and aggressive, such as suicide. It is said...

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