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Setting: The Night Circus is set mainly in London, England; Concord, Massachusetts and Le Cirque des Rêves, a circus open only at night that travels all around the world. It takes place between 1873 and 1903.
Main Characters:
Celia Bowen- protagonist, brown hair, bright eyes, impulsive, short-tempered, compassionate, an avid reader, resilient. Celia is 5 at the book’s beginning and 34 at its end, although she appears to be much younger due to an enchantment, put upon her by Marco Alisdair, making it so that she doesn’t age. Her mother committed suicide when Celia was 5 years old, leaving her in the care of her father Hector Bowen. Celia spends most of her early life travelling the world due to her father’s career as a touring magician. Celia has an innate ability to manipulate the world around her in ways that many would describe as magical, like being able to levitate things and transform one thing into another.
Marco Alisdair- dark hair, green-grey eyes, charming, intelligent, studious, imaginative. When he is introduced into the story Marco is around 10 and he is 37 at the book’s end, despite looking younger, also because of an anti-aging enchantment that he created. Marco was orphaned at a young age and lived in an orphanage for much of his early childhood until being adopted by Mr. A.H. He lives in London for the duration of the novel. Marco is taught to influence people’s perceptions and the world around him by his adoptive father.
Bailey Clarke- dreamer, resolute, wistful, warmhearted. Bailey is 10 when he is first introduced to the reader and 16 at the end of the tale. He grew up on a small farm in Concord, Massachusetts. He has loved the circus more than anything else ever since it first came to his home town when he was 10.
Hector Bowen (also known as Prospero the Enchanter) -antagonist, grey hair, conceited, arrogant, foolish, selfish. Hector is the father of Celia, although not a good one. He teaches Celia to hone her magical abilities in unorthodox and abusive ways, such as breaking her wrists and making her mend them. He is also very neglectful, often leaving her alone for long stretches of time while he travels the world. At one point he forces her to lose weight in order to appear more authentic as a spiritual medium. He is a highly successful magician as he uses real magic and passes it off as simple illusions. He learned this magic from Alexander when he was younger.
Mr. A.H (also known as Alexander) - discerning, impassive, astute, distant, inscrutable. Alexander’s age and real name are never revealed in the book, although it is assumed he is far older than he appears. He is always seen wearing a pristine grey suit. He is Marco’s adoptive guardian. He does not spend much time with Marco outside of the time he spends tutoring him. He taught Hector Bowen magic, many years before the book takes place, until they had a dispute over what the best method of teaching was.
Poppet and Widget Murray- intensely red hair, blue eyes,...

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