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Book Report: F.L. Ganshof's "Feudalism" This Is A 5 Page Paper In Which Recieved A B+ In My Western Civ Honors Class

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Book Report: F.L. Ganshof's "Feudalism"Feudalism, a political economic system, was based upon several factors in which worked to make the system work. The main element that kept feudalism together was the seizing of all land in fee. This resulted in the trade for protection from a "lord" in return for homage and allegiance. The basics to the system are basically a type class ordeal. A man with power took delivery of the title lord, and was vowed to by any men below him. The so-called pledges are noted as charters; therefore each man maintains knowledge of his definite obligations. These obligations are entailed from the trade, which states that the pledge must serve and respect the lord in any way probable, and the lord must fully support his pledge. In supporting his pledge, a lord is required to provide all food, clothing and living statures. As for the man serving and respecting his lord, he must work on accomplishing this while at the same time politically remaining a free man. Overall the system of feudalism was an organization process in which relied on both power and lack there of.The book goes into description about feudalism's time period and the different ways in which it is practiced. It is a European system and was pursued mostly from the ninth century, to the thirteenth century, as the book explains. Starting with the first chapter, Ganshof begins to go into detail about the earliest form and constructions of feudalism from the sixth and seventh centuries, to where the book concludes at the later stages past the thirteenth century. Back to the origins of the scheme the Merovingian Period was known as the starter for feudalism. Looking over the first chapter alone, Ganshof is sure to include a lot of detail and information, background information to be more specific, making it easy to better picture and understand the ideas being discussed. The author translates several Latin terms and phrases as well, not to forget or leave out the original meanings and concepts. For example, on page 109 the book reads "ipsum alodem supranominatum donare per fevum ad ullum homiem" which of course was translated into "The countless forbade the granting of this allot to any man as a fief"Without feudalism, there would be no armed force. Without an armed force, Europe would have been defenseless for many tried and wanted to conquer the western world. In all, feudalism stops the domino effect by preventing the first domino from falling. Feudalism proves a short-term resolution to owning and distributing land. Many consider feudalism a just system for people may outline estates for themselves, staying within the geographical boundaries. The aforementioned conditional contract lied under the terms that every landlord award suit and service to his overlord, entailing demand in return from every vassal. Army service and legislative duty could be performed as a payment to the nation for land. The previously mentioned ideas taught the value of providing...

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