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Book Report For Bridge To Terabithia Grade 8 Research Paper

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Chapter 4: Rules of Terabithia
· After the first week of school, Leslie has beat the racers each day. Jess gives up the idea of being the best runner at the elementary school, and no one seems to be enjoying running anymore anyway.
· Since it's Friday, Jess is excited about music class. He ran into Miss Edmunds earlier and she asked him how his drawing was going, which made him feel great.
· At music class, she's warm and welcoming and invites Leslie in. They sing "Free to be You and Me," and when the song's over Jess smiles at Leslie. He decides to change and be her friend.
· She can tell he feels differently, and they ride the bus home together. She talks about where she used to live and how she misses her old school.
· She tells him they moved because her parents are "reassessing their value structure" and even though it's hardest on her, she agreed.
· They get off the bus with May Belle.
· Jess tries to bring up money and how farming is hard; embarrassed, Leslie tries to let him know delicately that they're pretty well off.
· Back at school there's a bigger problem: Leslie's family doesn't have a TV.
· Everyone finds out when their teacher Mrs. Myers makes a big fuss in class about what a great essay Leslie wrote about scuba diving. Even Leslie knows it's bad to have Mrs. Myers praise you and that it only gathers a lot of enemies.
· Listening to the essay freaks Jess out and he worries he's going to drown.
· Mrs. Myers assigns them homework, which is to watch a program about Jacques Cousteau and write a response. Other students ask about assignment details and kiss up, but Leslie asks what she should do since she doesn't have a TV.
· Jess knows that was a big mistake and people are going to make fun of her. Sure enough, at recess he sees a bunch of girls teasing her. She runs off.
· He waits by the girls' bathroom and tries to console her, but doesn't do a very good job.
· On the bus ride home that afternoon, Leslie isn't paying attention and sits in a part of the bus that's reserved for seventh graders – yikes. Jess tries to get her out in time before the bullies come, but it's too late, and has to face the mean Janice Avery.
· He distracts Janice by calling her fat and they escape to the front of the bus. This helps them bond, but...

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