Book Report: Hideout By Gordon Korman

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The book HIDEOUT, written by Gordon Korman, begins with an adventurous group of middle school kids that come to the rescue of one of their friends to hide a fierce Doberman before a crooked businessman can bring him harm. The story starts out in the beginning of August, in Cedarville, New York, with the school friends all heading off to summer camps but they did not know they would be sneaking a dog along with them. There are two main characters in each of the summer camps and the story takes place in all three of these camps. These summer camps are in the woods of New York’s Catskill Mountains. They are Camp Ebony Lake, Camp Ta-da and Camp Endless Pines. These three camps may be in the same woods but they are spread out and are miles away from each other. There is a different theme to each camp and it makes the book more interesting because the setting is always changing.

The main characters in this story are 6 friends from Cedarville Middle School, a crooked businessman, and a Doberman Pincher. Griffin Bing is, “The Man With The Plan,” and he organizes the missions this group of friends get involved in. Ben Slovak is Griffins best friend and he has a ferret that goes everywhere with him to help him with his narcolepsy or sleep disorder. Pitch Benson is an expert at mountain climbing and she helps them get into impossible places. Melissa Dukakis is a computer expert which comes in handy for eves dropping. Logan Kellerman is an actor and he is good at distracting people. Savannah Drysdale is an animal whisperer which has helped them get past guard dogs. S. Wendell Palomino or, “Swindle” is a crooked businessman who has caused these friends a lot of problems. Luthor is a huge temperamental Doberman who belongs to Savannah but once was owned by Swindle.

This story starts out with the main characters at a birthday party for Luthor, the Doberman Pincher. During the party, Swindle shows up and tells Savannah that he wants his dog back. He claims that he never signed Luthor over to the dog pound and that makes her adoption of the Doberman illegal. He wants to get even with this group of kids for ruining his reputation, and making him lose his business and his house. Luthor is a pure breed and could win a lot of money for him if he entered him in dog shows. All this man cares about is making money off of Luthor and the team knows that he will mistreat the dog. The judge rules in Swindles favor and Savannah is ordered to give him his dog but before the date she was to turn Luthor over he comes up missing. Griffin comes up with a plan to hide Luthor until they can legally prove that he belongs to Savannah. They sneak the huge Doberman to camp with them and it takes all six campers to help make sure he is well hidden. Swindle knows that they have the dog hidden and has hired men to find him. He manages to get Luthor toward the end of the story but this team of friends find the proof they need to keep Savannah and...

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