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Book Report Love Among The Walnuts

905 words - 4 pages

LOVE AMONG THE WALNUTS Jean Ferris BOOK REPORTSUMMARY Sandy lived in the countryside along with his parents, Horatio and Mousy and the Butler Bentley and Flossie (Bentley's Wife). He had two uncles, who were really jealous of his dad because his dad was a multimillionaire, and the uncles wanted to get all the money and prosperity, so one evening they brought a poisoned cake which everyone ate except his Uncles, Bentley and Sandy. The next-day Sandy's parents and Bentley's wife didn't wake up and went into a comma. Later, they were shifted to Walnut Manor (local asylum), along with a nurse named Sunnie. Sandy's uncles still tried to kill them, but were unsuccessful and after some days, they were arrested by the police and all the sleepers (the one who were in the coma) woke up, and they all lived happily ever after. CHARACTER ANALYSIS The main character is Alexander, who is called Sandy. He is anti-social, cautious and analytical. All the patients in the Walnut Manor wanted to bring charges against the board, but it was hard to make the plan work because, according to the board, all the patients had mental problems, and that's why the court wouldn't hear them. Sandy made a plan to resolve this problem and showed that he is analytical and cautious. "You know Mr. Moreland, how you said nobody would listen to us because we're all a bunch of nuts - or incompetent, in my case. Well, I don't think we are anymore. So last night I called our family doctor, Dr. Malcolm, and asked him to come out to Walnut Manor with a colleague of his to examine all of us and certify us as sound and mind in body. Then we can bring our charges against the board and no one can dispute us. At least not on those grounds." (Pg. 166). Sandy is muscular, fit and handsome. He is muscular and fit because when Sandy's uncles came to visit Sandy's parents, he wasn't scared of them; he stopped them to go up and see his parents. Furthermore, he is fit because he lived in a country, and he didn't use a car a lot; he used a bicycle. "They put on their coats and gloves and went down the wide front steps to the driveway, where two bicycles waited, They rode through the gates of Eclipse, and Sunnie waited while Sandy locked them again." (Pg. 66-67). Therefore, Sandy is cautious and analytical and also muscular and fit. CONFLICTS Sandy's internal conflict was that he liked Sunnie, but he was scared to...

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