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Book Report On Point Counter Point By Aldous Huxley

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Entry 1I chose to read Point Counter Point, which was written by Aldous Huxley, because I have read Brave New World before and hoped that this book would be of a similar nature to it. That is futuristic science fiction.However, from first impression in the first few chapters, this book turns out to be of a quite different genre than the first. The book is written in real time with human characters. The intrinsic and captivating language which is produced by detailed metaphoric images, captivates the reader into wanting to read more, and ensures that the reader is not disappointed that the book does not more closely resemble the genre depicted by Brave New World. Blatant expressions like 'the fiddlers drew their rosined horse-hair across the stretched intestines of lambs' serve to entice the reader's attention and captivate their imagination even more.Already, within the first line, we have been introduced to one of the characters that will surely cause some conflicts later in the novel. Her name is Marjorie Carling, and she is your stereotypical housewife type woman. In fact the other main character in the book, Walter Bidlake, her partner now, had this to say of her relentless arguing about him going to a party: "She has no right to do this sort of thing, no right to be so unreasonable. Why can't she be reasonable". Although this sounds like your average woman, the author presents the interesting and remote idea that perhaps something will change.Huxley also introduces a concept that I anticipate will become a major theme in this book. It is brought up through the contemplations of Walter Bidlake: 'A noble end may justify shameful means, but when the end is shameful, what then?'. It is the manner in which this is brought up that alerts the audience to it's use as a major theme.The actual plot itself is simple enough, so far. Walter Bidlake had an affair with a married woman, Marjorie Carling, who he managed to persuade to break up with her husband. Her husband, however, refused to accept a divorce, and is thus still legally married to her. After two years, of living with Marjorie, Walter is tired of her, and seeks comfort in his another of his mistress', Lucy Tantamount. Lucy hails from London's high society, and her introduction into the plot will surely also bring many of the quirks for which British high society is so acclaimed. Her family, the Tantamounts, have a ruthless history, cheating the church and deceiving their workers all in the name of increasing their already massive fortune and affluence.Entry 2)At this stage of the book the author explores the Tantamount family a bit more, describing their dubious dealings, and complicated relationships. At this point, you have to really start concentrating to remember the names and fit them into the story.The author begins to tie all the characters into the same plot by developing their relationships to eachother.An interesting feature of this book is that very little information is presented...

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