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Book Report On 'red Sky In The Morning By Elizabeth Laird'

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I have read 'Red Sky in the Morning' by Elizabeth Laird. It is a novel based on the life of a mature teenage girl called Anna Peacock. The story is told by the main character in the first person. It is a family drama and as it is told in the first person. I was able to get a great idea of what Anna feels and what she thinks. This can be bad though because I do not see anything out with Anna's view.The story includes the theme of disability & friendship. Anna has a new brother to cope with. He was born with hydrocephalus and she has to handle what her friends would say about her if the truth got out about her brothers handicap.The story starts in Anna's house when she is only 12. Her mum ...view middle of the document...

However, when everything seems to be going smoothly, Ben's happy but difficult life was ended when he was two years old. He died of respiratory failure because he was weak and when he got a cough or cold it was a battle for his life. It was only a matter of time before he lost that battle. Ben's death was something Anna had been expecting but when it came, it still felt worse than devastating. Anna didn't feel like crying when she heard the news. She just sort of went quiet. Katie seemed to think that Anna wasn't crying, ('Why aren't you crying, Anna?' 'Don't you care?') She didn't care but Anna knew that Ben had been more of a brother to Ben than Katie ever was. It was worse at school for her; some people were treating her like she was extremely sensitive while some were not talking to her at all. This event changes Anna completely; she doesn't seem to see how she will ever get over his death.It was in Mrs. Chapman's shop that Anna spotted and applied to an advert for a babysitter for a handicapped toddler, named Jackie Maynard. Jackie was the daughter of a woman who was a regular visitor to Mrs. Chapman's Shop. What Anna doesn't know is that Mrs. Maynard is the mother of a teenage son, Tony who Anna had already met at her tennis training. They had never had the chance to talk but this chance came one day when anna was tending to Jackie and Tony came in through the door. Anna started to get to know him better and they became friends. The story ends with Anna and Jackie visiting Ben's grave. It said,Benedict PeacockAged 2 yearsThe story is well structured and set out well. The timing of events is good for instance; there is just the right amount of time between events which are not dragged on for too long. The story is set in around the 1990's I think, as the general attitude and behaviour towards everyday things aren't the same as that which are used today. It doesn't say where it is set, but it seems to be a small village because at the start when Anna's...

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