Book Report On "Shaq Talks Back"

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The book that I read for my book report is "Shaq Talks Back" By Shaquille O'Neal. This book is an autobiography about an all time great basketball player. In his career he has won many awards for being so great and since I knew that I wanted to learn more about the great basketball player.Shaq was born in the ghetto of Newark, New Jersey on March 6, 1972. As a youngster he played there in parks with other children. Then his mom, Lucille Harrison meets a military sergeant and they fall in love. Once they get married the family moves to Georgia then to Germany. They moved to Germany because that is where Phil Harrison, Shaq's step-dad, gets stationed at. Once they move back to the United Stated they move to San Antonio, Texas. In San Antonio Shaq plays high school basketball for Cole High School. Once he graduates in 1989 from high school Shaq goes to Louisiana State University (LSU) to play college basketball. In 1992 the Orlando Magic, an NBA team, drafts and signs Shaq. While playing for the Magic they make it to the championship but they don't end up winning it. At the end of the 1995 season Shaq did not sign another contract with the Magic and instead signs with the Los Angeles Lakers. While playing for the Lakers they make it to the championship and finally in 2000 they win the title. This is the moment Shaq has been waiting for his whole life. Shaq thinks that you are not a great player until you win the championship title and he had finally won it.This book takes place in many different areas. The first is in 1972 to 1984 in New Jersey. Then after New Jersey, he was in Germany on a military base from 1984 to 1987 in Germany. Then in the United States again, he lived in San Antonio, Texas from 1987 to 1989. After he graduated in 1989 Shaq moved to Louisiana until 1992. Then after he was in college he played professional basketball and was constantly going from town to town with his team to the end of this book in 2000.Shaq is an MVP basketball player in the NBA. He is very much focused on being great and not letting other things interfere with what happens on the basketball court. He does not do anything that can harm him and...

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