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Book Report On The Mastership Game By Scott Mc Bain

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This book, written by Scott McBain, has an excellent cover, which like the majority of other books I have chosen for this assessment, is the main reason why I chose to read this book. The cover has a simple white background with an embedded white and grey maze in the centre. It really captures the potential reader's eye. Although you, the marker, were probably expecting a bit more depth as to the reason for choosing the books we read, I believe that in some cases the old idiom, 'You can't tell a book by it's cover', fails to live up to the truth of it's virtuous metaphoric meaning when applied literally in a library scene.Although I know that the task hinted that we needed to write periodic journal entries, this book should warrant an exception as it is a superb, meaningful and thought-provoking read, so much so, that the reader fails to remember to put it down and make periodic journal entries! Thus this one entry will be a reflection on the entire book.This book is one of the best books that I have ever read, and it is strikingly relevant to today's society and to today's individual, because we live in a culture today, that encourages the majority of individuals to seek power over some one else. Whether it be the power of a president or prime minister over their country, the power of a CEO over their multinational corporation, the power of a religious leader over their congregation or the power of a school teacher over their students. Everyone is taught to seek and utilise power in this world. This novel is the pinnacle of power. It contemplates the use of and the abuse of power, and what one will do to attain that power.The book is about a mysterious institution, that everyone knows exists. However, the way it operates and the identities of it's members are completely secret. It is called the College. The novel is set at the beginning of the 21st century and in virtually the real world, except for the existence of the College. The College was founded 800 years ago on the tiny island of Tirah, just off the North coast of Scotland by a saintly Prince, and it is the most secretive and virtuously puristic institution in the world. It's only task is 'to advise the leaders of all nations in the cause of peace'.The College consists of 80 fellows who are also high-ranking specialists in different fields around the world, 5 arbitrators who are also fellows and hold various high-ranking positions outside of the college and the master who heads the college. The arbitrators and the fellows secretly gather information from their various positions in the world, and report it to the College. The College also has huge supercomputers capable of hacking into any computer in the world (CIA, FBI, UN, EU etc.), which are used to gather information and monitor states' activities. The master then uses these sources of information to secretly advise leaders and other influential people, with the end result of avoiding conflict and bloodshed.The College and it's...

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