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Book Report Protector Of The Small, First Test

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My book review is on a book by Tamora Pierce, "Protector of The Small, First Test". The setting in time for this book would be approximately around 450 B.C. As the time goes back pretty far it is hard to determine the setting in place, but provided with the maps in the book, I would estimate it is in the U.S. around the California Bay Area region, which is quite a coincidence. "First Test" is the story of Keladry of Mindelan, better known as Kel. It begins in the middle of a disputation. The fight is over a certain law that states that girls can earn their shield right along with the boys. The problem is that Kel wants to test the law, but a certain teacher, Lord Wyldon, who happens to be against it, is threatening to resign if the King allows it to actually happen. As a compromise, Kel can give it a shot, but only if the first year is a probationary term and the person to decide in the end whether Kel stays or leaves is in the hands of Lord Wyldon himself. When Kel goes to Corus, the capital of Tortall, to become a page, everyone makes fun of her and tells her that girls don't have the right to become knights even though, a few years ago another lady had successfully earned her shield, but people assumed she only did so because of having the Gift (of healing). Kel is also not allowed to seek Alanna the first lady knight for advice since people think she might be bewitched and succeed by Alanna's assistance. She befriends Nealan of Queenscove, Prince Roald, and many others who all eventually believe she can accomplish whatever they can. She goes through many ups and downs through this year and many test her patience, but determined as a mule, she succeeds and is permitted to stay back and continue her tasks as a page, squire and knight.I have read many other books by Tamora Pierce and have been fascinated by their depth. I have always loved historical fiction, especially books about places and times that date back a long time. I do have other books by Tamora Pierce that I would favor over this one, but this one has a twist, a beginning of realization, in that time, for women's rights. I greatly admire Kel's strength and determination. Her will power is very strong for a girl of ten. She bore through all the hard work and chose the path of integrity and honesty. She rarely lost her temper...

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