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Book Report Tock Tock By Dean Koontz

764 words - 3 pages

Tick Tock is the story of a young Korean-American dime-store novel writer, Phan Tran Tuong (or Tommy Phan as he likes to be called), who through a mysterious old lady receives an 11-inch tall doll on his doorstep. The doll transforms into an ever-growing creature whose only goal is to kill Tommy. It types on his computer screen: "˜The deadline is dawn. Tick tock.' This thing chases Tommy and his cryptic waitress friend across California. There are some very important unexplained happenings and problems in Tick Tock. The unexplained happenings, like how the doll came to him, how this doll can survive and keep growing despite being shot and set on fire, and how his waitress friend, Deliverance Payne, can somehow fortell future events, jelp advance the plot. You don't want to put the book down because you want to know the explanations for the unexplained. Though it was sort of a crack-pot ending tying everything together, you still wanted to read it just to see what happens. There were also some major problems in the book. A major problem would be, of course, the ravenous demon creature hunting down Tommy Phan. It is impossible to have a good fiction story without problems. No one wants to hear an 8-hour seminar on the chemical composition of estuary mud, especially if you are just making it all up. Conflicts compose the axis upon which all fiction spins. Tick Tock begins on "a cloudless sky on a windless November day". This is where Tommy Phan buys his Corvette (which later flips 3 times and explodes). Tommy takes his dream car home to return to his most recent novel. His doorbell rings suddenly, and he opens the door to an empty porch where "ice-cold wind assaulted him, frigid enough to take his breath away. A whirl of dead melaleuca leaves like hundreds of tiny flensing knives spun over him". There he finds a doll, which begins the story. The doll proceeds to come alive and attack him, even resisting 3 rounds from a P7 M13 to the chest, and chases him to his corvette. The story from here takes place of the run as Tommy is tormented...

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