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I decided to compose my book report on Jack Welch’s book, Winning. It relays many of the same themes that our book does. I first came across this book when I was reading an article about Jack Welch and his years at GE, at the bottom they had advertisements for his two books; Jack: Straight from the Gut and Winning. The bright yellow background and Jack’s big smile, on the cover, caught my eye and all of the praise for him and the advance praise for Winning reeled me in. There is praise all over the back portion of the cover, from Tom Brokaw and Bill Gates to Warren Buffett and Rudy Giulliani. My expectations of the book were quite high because of all the kind words on the back, ...view middle of the document...

All of a business’ employees should be able to come up with some kind of input, it may be a large task for some of the bigger companies, but the greater the participation the more insight and a more complete buy-in in the end. For the mission to be successful a company’s values must always support and back up the mission.
Candor, speaking straight-forward, coming out with one’s criticisms, comments, and ideas; trying to provoke a stimulating debate. A large problem with most people is the lack of candor, not speaking up in order to avoid conflict. According to this chapter there are three key ways candor can lead to success, 1. It is a way to keep up in a global marketplace, 2. It gets more people involved, more ideas on the table, and 3. Candor can eliminate costs by getting rid of boring presentations and waste-of-time meetings with reports that just re-state the obvious. So why don’t more people have candor? In our youth, we all have been raised to candy-coat bad news to not hurt ones feelings. Candor is key to winning, time-consuming and difficult to introduce in any group, big or small, but the results are worth the time and effort. Instilling candor would be business’ “biggest change for the better,” (Welch, 35).
Differentiation is the management of business and people. Some people live and breathe differentiation, others despise it, and the rest are just confused by it. By making it clear who the top-performers and the bottom-performers are, some consider it mean and cruel, but really it’s just resource allocation. In the people portion of differentiation it is broken down into the bottom ten percent, the middle seventy percent, and the top twenty percent based on performance. The top twenty percent are to be rewarded, usually by praise, stock options, or bonuses. The middle seventy percent, however, are to be motivated and kept engaged. Companies are not trying to save the seventy percent from falling, but are finding their potential and exploiting it, trying to boost their performance and overall confidence as well. As for the bottom ten percent, they must go, as hard as it may be. Differentiation, possibly in its clearest application occurred in almost everyone’s childhood; picking teams on the playground, the better kids got picked first and the worst performers were last. To have the best performers on your team, one must step up and instill differentiation. It isn’t perfect, but like candor, differentiation helps businesses run more efficiently.
The fourth chapter, voice and dignity, ties all of the previous elements together. Voice is the chance for people to speak what is on their mind, express their opinions and ideas. Dignity is people’s instinct to want to be praised and respected for the work they have done and their efforts that they put forth. The idea of voice and dignity is supposed to be so self-evident and widely accepted, but at an event in China, where Jack Welch was speaking, a women asked him how any...

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