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Book Report Write Up On To Free A Family

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Book Report Write Up on To Free a Family
To free a family is a story about a woman named Mary Walker and her journey from slavery to abolition by Sydney Nathans. During this process Mary faces many tribulation throughout her life. She does what she believes is in the best interest for her and her family. She struggles when she is separated from her family and her only wish is for them to all live together in an abolitionist state. She sets off knowing the risk she must take to gain her freedom. After facing many challenges as slave and fearing being separated from her family, Mary decides to escape from her slave life and travel North. Mary became a free slave in order to free her family. ...view middle of the document...

Mary knew she would need to make a huge effort is she ever was going to see her family again. After leaving her Master Duncan she attempted to contact him about her family. She desperately wants her family to join her. Some may think she is crazy, that after she was a run away slave, she would contact her master but Mary cared so deeply for her family she did not have many other choices. It was her dream that they could all live together again one day. She pleads with her new employer to help her free her family. He refused her request. Mary continues as their housekeeper.
Her Journey of challenges continues until abolitionist’s head into North Carolina. Once General O.O. Howard he was able to connect Mary to her two children. Her prior Master Duncan Cameron had died which meant her children’s debt could be repaid in order to free the. She was elated to be reconnected with her children. At first things were really great. She was not expecting them to cause any trouble in her life but unfortunately they did. She struggles with their behavior and does her best. She later married an Irish immigrant. Mary died in 1872 after finally being reunited with her loved ones. It may not have been the way she pictured it but it was the way her life was played out.
To Free a Family was a very intense and interesting book. The book had the ability to keep me engaged and questioning what would happen next in the life of Mary Walker. The author Sydney Nathans does a great job with depicting what her life as a slave and free women were like. She meshes different accounts from the beginning to end of Mary’s life perfectly. He life was tragic in some ways yet very heroic in others. She always keeps pushing through every difficulty she encounters. Many other women may have after some point just given up on reconnecting with her family but she does not. She knows...

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