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Book Review/Contrast Of Keegan's Mask Of Command. 5 Parter (Total Of 21 Pp With Bib And Citations) Orig Attached. Part 3, Review Of Chapter On Wellington

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Operational Command Is Something That Anyone Can Do--an in-depth study of The Mask of CommandPART 3: Wellington* * * "If I had failed, they would have shot me." -Wellington * * *Just as unfortunate was Keegan's summary of Alexander's formula for success, was my outlook on the three remaining leadership sketches I knew I must now read. I hoped for the best as I started the second chapter, Wellington: The Anti-Hero. Although I consider myself a complete amateur in regards to Military History, especially when discussing such a highly recommended book, written by a military historian that has been in practice over twenty-five years, I must admit that the most I knew of Wellington (Arthur Wellesley) was as his role of the commander of the forces partly responsible for the second defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo in 1815. Although Keegan is quick to point out Wellington's many successful campaigns against unorganized enemy armies in India and his success during, for the most part, a defensive-offense, during the Iberian Peninsula Campaigns from 1808-1814, he focuses the majority of his attention on Wellington's claim to the true "warrior-spirit" and as the obvious hero (albeit the anti-hero type) of Waterloo.The first claim can not be disputed, as Wellington first saw action (in the way of flying bullets) in 1794, and according to Keegan he endured "sixteen battles and eight sieges as a commander, [and] several more as a subordinate." However, it is the second claim, that it was Wellington's poise on the battlefield, his articulate attention to detail and troop movement at Waterloo that excelled him to greatness that I unfortunately disagreed with. Although his telling of Waterloo from Wellington's point of view was definitely interesting, and served to give the British side of the infamous demise of Napoleon, I would be remiss if I did not mention that I felt Keegan was somewhat blinded by his own British inheritance in his personifying Wellington as the epitome of the Anti-hero--to claim outright that Wellington's superior leadership style and character was the difference between victory or defeat against the masterful Napoleon (who was actually just beginning his threat for the second time after racing to gather troops from his escape from Elba) is a bit of a stretch, to say the least.Upon completing this chapter from Keegan, I was compelled to research a bit further the Battle of Waterloo, and every other source I researched credited the arrival of the Prussian reinforcements under Field Marshal von Blücher as the saviors of the battlefield, and even Keegan admits that within ninety minutes of the battle beginning, there was already the threat "to drive the British defenders out into the open." Of course, he utilizes this latter reference to show the calm, cool Wellington whilst under pressure, and quoting an order that was hand-written by the Duke during that exact crisis he further claims the exceptional clarity of mind and conciseness of...

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