Book Review: 'coping With Crises The Management Of Disasters, Riots And Terrorism.'

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There is more and more literature which explore the field of crisis management and try to provide comprehensive and systematic processes to overcome the crises, due to the existence of potential crises in any organizations and the horrible result they would cause. Thus, crisis management has become one of the most important parts of a company's strategic management. When a company carries out a strategic management plan, it is undeniable that a clear internal analysis should be done first. This internal analysis involves the concern of a comprehensive threat analysis for the organization.I found that the book "Coping with Crises--The Management of Disasters, Riots and Terrorism", which provides not only the knowledge of crisis management but also resourceful cases, is a useful tool for managers to get a deep understanding of the method of crisis analysis and learn from practical cases to guide their internal analysis for organizations. This article aims to evaluate the value of the book on behalf of strategic management.In the first place, the aim of this book is to provide a contingent decision path perspective for crisis decision making via analyzing affluent actual cases in related to political crises, hotel industry, airline industry, sports events, space shuttle, and so forth. Mitroff & Pearson (1993, p. 53, adapted by Santana, 1999, p. 4) maintains that there are five phases of crisis management: signal detection, preparation and prevention, damage limitation, recovery and learning. Obviously, this book focuses on giving practical knowledge of the effective implementation of the first step by describing the detailed causality of those actual crises. For example, the chapter 6 in this book clearly analyzes three key aspects of the disaster--fire at Summerland Leisure Centre, Douglas, Isle of Man on August 2, 1973--the occurrence and development process of the fire, staff and the fire brigade's behaviors during the crisis, and key actors' the crisis decision making involving control tower operator, technical services manager, house manager and general manger. These key aspects can give audiences in the hotel industry a logical process of the occurrence of the crisis which greatly helps audiences to understand the reason-and-effect of the crisis and to combine with their internal analysis.Moreover, this book also identifies those existing problems associated with crises, which can be used as a guideline for managers to analysis the potential internal threats in their internal analyses. For example, in the case mentioned above, a development analysis is provided with the weaknesses of the organization in relation...

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