Book Review Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us: Daniel Pink

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Bestselling author and former Al Gore speechwriter, uncovers what creates satisfaction in our work and lives through three motivational elements. Pink lays out a foundation of human motivation by psychologists Harry Harlow and Edward Deci. Harlow believes that the performance of a task can be its own reward and Deci delved further into motivation to find that people have an "inherent tendency to seek out novelty and challenges, to extend and exercise their capacities to explore, and to learn." Pink draws on four decades of scientific research, to challenge businesses and institutions to engage in a new performance boosting blueprint.
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These techniques encourage self-motivation as does “homeshoring” or the work from home idea that usually applies to customer service reps, some technical jobs such as coding and information management. This approach is also found with sales representatives. The work environment itself can be a huge motivator for many, especially if it is a flow-friendly environment, where mastery and creativity are supported. Some business will go as far to take workers’ needs and requests seriously when they say they want to devote themselves to cause larger than themselves by building the philosophy into the organizations policies with volunteer programs. All of these approaches create a culture of inspiration and feeds the internal drive of the employees.
The book also includes a “Toolkit” of Nine Strategies for Awakening Your Motivation;
Nine Ways to Improve Your Company, Office, or Group; Nine Ideas for Helping Our Kids; Fifteen Essential Books; Six Business Thinkers Who Get It; and even a Fitness Plan for Those Want to Stay...

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