Book Review: Hr Challenge

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HR Challenge
Dynamics of Value Creation and Competitiveness Through People, edited by Sudatta Ranasinghe and Ajantha Dharmasiri, June 2013. 345 pages. Hard cover. Institute of Personnel Management (IPM), Sri Lanka.

Reviewed by: Apu Akbar, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada

Human resource (HR) is the most valuable, but vulnerable asset that organizations, public or private, maneuver for achieving goals. There are numerous areas and perspectives of HRM (human resources management) as it deals with human being. The Book titled, “HR Challenge: Dynamics of Value Creation and Competitiveness Through People” is all about the problems and prospects of HRM (human resource management) focusing on Sri Lankan as well as South Asian perspectives.

HR professionals, if ever, search for a mind-provoking, prudent, and practice oriented resource for gaining insights on the riddles of various types in HR practices, the book tiltled, “HR Challenge: Dynamics of Value Creation and Competitiveness Through People” should be the right choice to quench HR professionals. This book is a compilation of 12 articles edited by Sudatta Ranasinghe and Ajantha Dharmasiri. Each article of this edited book is unique not only with its quality, but also in the sense that each article covers different area of HR functions required for building organizational competitiveness. A brief over view of each article is discussed below.

The book starts with chapter one having article titled, “HR Challenges in a Developing Economy: Towards Multiple roles of HR Professionals in a Competitive Business Environment,” by Sudatta Ranashinghe. The author describes HR problems focusing on hiring and retaining employees in different industries in Sri Lank covering a very wide spectrum of socio-economic, political, cultural, and job related issues as challenges for HR professionals. It is amazing that the author offers seven cases in a single article covering different industries in order to highlight the problems related to hiring and retaining of workforces that Sri Lankan Business entities are, at present, facing. To address these problems, the author suggests the necessity of multiple roles of HR professionals. However, the author refers a model, “HR Value Creating Cycle” (p.12) and mentions a number of roles (p.35) that HR professionals should adapt. At the end, the author proposes a “system approach” (p. 36) for developing generic skills necessary in a competitive business environment, which is very innovative. However, the content of this article is based on real life experiences and will, therefore, contribute building insights to HR professionals in Sri Lanka and in countries having similar socio-cultural, political, and economic background.

The article published in chapter two entitled, “Human Resource Development in Organizations: A Review of Current Practices in Sri Lanka” written by Vathsala M. Wickramasinghe, depicts a vivid discussion on the current practices of formal...

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