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Analysis Of Mourning Glory: The Will Of The French Revolution By Marie Helene Huet

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The book Mourning Glory: The Will of the French Revolution Marie-Hélène Huet gives a great insight to different angles on the French Revolution. She elaborates on what the intent and purposes are, and how they would fuel The French Revolution. Huet argues that the ideology of the normal everyday lifestyle has been overlooked, and that revolution with violence is the key idea for the attitudes of revolutionist during the time period of 1789 and years later. She explains the comparison of how everyday lives and ideologies of the scientific reason and enlightenment made the people of France have the will and courage to establish a new regime.
The book is divided into several parts. Each part contains a segment into viewing either leaders of the French revolution, Ideals of the French revolution, or the Norm of everyday life of the Revolution itself. The book has many essays for the era of the French revolution which examine why the people of France thought that the idea of eliminating threats would be the only way to achieve a new regime. All of the essays in the book all have a way of explain the reason of the citizen’s or leaders action and their justification of them acting in a barbaric manor. I argue that it was not leaders ideas that lead the revolution into a dark time, but more of the ideals of enlightenment, that made people so focused on changed that it ended in violence
Maximilien Robespierre is the main focus for most of the book. He has initially had great influences and pushed the ideas of reason and enlightenment by speech and advertisement in newspapers. He explains his ideas by writing to the people, “Everything has changed in physical order: everything must change in the moral and political order. Half of the Revolution of the world has been done: the other half must be accomplished. Man’s reason resembles the earth he inhabits: one half is plunged in darkness, when the other enlightened.” In this book I feel that the...

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