Book Review Of David Graham's "Stutter Monk"

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Jeremy DanielDr. Shawn HollidayEnglish 419November 18, 2002Review the MonkPoetry is an inquired taste. Most college students around the world today would rather work than read poetry just for the fact that a lot of it is hard to read and understand. I myself enjoy poetry and the hardships it hands out. Not everything can be as simple as ABC and 1 2 3. Poetry is not that simple but for me it's an escape. Good poetry is usually well thought out and hard to understand but poetry gives the reader the ability to interpret the poem in many different ways.The poet David Graham, author of Stutter Monk, was born and raised in Johnstown New York and was the son of George A. Graham Jr., and Nora K. Graham. He had one brother and one sister. David was educated at Dartmouth College and also the University of Massachusetts. As a poet he has served as the poetry editor of Blue Moon Review and has been a Poet Residence at the Robert Frost Place in Franconia, New Hampshire. Other than the Stutter Monk collection, Dr. Graham's poems have appeared in four previous collections: Magic Shows, Common Waters, Second Wind, and Doggedness. David is more than just a poet though; he also teaches English at Ripon College in Ripon, Wisconsin.For the most part I really enjoyed Stutter Monk. It was a great collection of poems with a lot of insight on life and living it to the fullest. These poems are very personal to Dr. Graham and they give you a lot of insight on his life and how it has all played out over the course of his lifetime. It allows you to see and come to know many of the obstacles he has overcome and it makes the readers think twice about giving up when problems occur in there life. This just goes to show that there is way around all the obstacles one may face over a lifetime.Not only does David give the reader insight on his life but he also uses imagery and vivid images to paint a picture in the readers mind. He uses very descriptive versus and stanza to make the reader fill like he/she is actually there watching everything unfold. This allows the reader to interact with the poem and fill the affects first hand. It pulls the reader closer to the author. He is actually using these poems to tell the reader his story."The Lit Fuse" starts the reader off with a poem about a childhood experience that still angers him today. This poem is about a confutation with a neighbor. This neighbor seemed to be a bully and was always up to menus. In this particular poem the neighbor boy through a lit fire cracker at David. This is where David brings out the imagery and puts the reader in the middle of the action. He allows the reader to experience everything that is going on at that specific time. After the fir cracker was throne the neighbor ran to safety and escaped a beaten. He thinks by not catching the other boy he has become a better man because he didn't stoop to the little boys level."A Mind of Winter" gives the reader sum very in-depth looks into his life. This poem...

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