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Book Review Of Eight Teenage Appropriate Novels

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Jade Green by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor (2001)
Casual readers will transform into “all-night readers” once they get their hands on this book. Packed with murder, false assumptions, family secrets, some romantic moments, and loads of chilling suspense and cliffhangers, Jade Green by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor will capture and engage its young adult audience as this book flies off the shelves. Readers experience its thrilling creepiness along with main character Judith, 15, an orphan who recently moved into her uncle’s house in the late 1800s. Soon, after hearing about a mysterious Jade Green who died there, strange occurrences begin happening to Judith. She brought a green object... which her ...view middle of the document...

FALSE. Instead, Village Bookshop can use the renewed publicity this book is receiving concerning its cinema release on March 21 to its advantage. On Jan. 9, the Divergent trilogy held the top spots on US Today’s Best Selling Books and has stayed on New York Times’ Bestseller List throughout the year. Books like these – with a dystopian society, teenager autonomy, and none of the current social constraints – engage and pull in readers and their imaginations, especially right now in the young adult book world. Set in the future in Chicago, the society is divided into five factions that emphasize five different virtues: bravery, honesty, selflessness, peacefulness and knowledge. Beatrice, along with all the other 16-year-olds, must choose her fate by choosing a faction. She defies her family and chooses exciting and rebellious Dauntless (bravery), instead of peaceful, homely Abnegation (selflessness). Throughout initiation, Beatrice, now “Tris,” develops wonderful characterization, along with the other initiates’. Romance buds between Tris and Four, Tris comments on being forced into roles and the human condition. Roth successfully revolves the plot around Tris’ actions as she drives the story forward with each choice she makes. Such an engaging read will follow The Hunger Games’ successful footsteps while still maintaining its own identity as a series.

American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang
Watch out – graphic novels are back. While graphic texts have been popular for more than 75 years, only recently have adults begun to actually acknowledge them as a form of literature. This is due mainly to the fact that graphic novelists in the past decade have made lunges in writing, characterization and image quality. Among the best stands American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang. In this book, written for teenagers in the United States, racial understanding and identity is probably the most prevalent theme. Not only do the characters themselves learn to understand and accept who they actually are based on their background and culture, but the characters around them also begin to do so. The overall premise of American Born Chinese revolves around the inner turmoil in which one desires to be accepted by others, and the vast measures he or she will take to fit in. The novels opens with three seemingly separate stories with well-developed and entertaining characters, a prideful Monkey King who wishes more than anything to overcome his “monkey-ness,” a genuine and timid Chinese teenager who is a new eighth grade student at his school, and Danny, a high school student who get severely embarrassed by his Chinese-stereotype cousin, Chin-Kee. Without being in the face about it, Yang quietly touches on racial difficulties in the U.S., bullying because of race, and learning to be oneself. Not only does society confine the characters, they also confine themselves. This quick, light-hearted read with hilarious (and somewhat edgy) scenes, a cinematic feel to the...

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