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Book Review On How Reader Is Positioned To React, Colonial Relationships Within The Text, And Realism Of The Text

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Discuss the information that is provided about the Indigenous culture in the first few chapters. For example, their cultural way of living (lifestyle), impact of white settlers (colonisers) on their lifestyle.The amount of information given in the first few chapters about the aboriginal lifestyle and way of living is quite large. As the author herself is aboriginal, she has probably put in quite a bit of information as it gives background to the story. The author, Doris Pilkington, also had to do research to add some realism to the text and by putting in the information about the aboriginal lifestyle and such, it paints a picture that the reader can imagine.The prologue of the novel is ...view middle of the document...

"They remembered the corroborees and songs that they were forbidden to dance and sing, unless commanded by government officials. No longer would the corroborees be shared and danced by scores of feet, kicking up the dust in the moonlight around the glowing fires."Again, in chapter five, when Maude (Molly's mother) gives birth to Molly, the aboriginal rituals performed are described in the novel. "Then while her sisters began rubbing the warm, dry sand over the child to remove all the amniotic fluid from its body it was customary for the grandmother to protect the baby from any evil spirits who may be lurking nearby...She hurled all sorts of insults about her grandchild to protect her from any possible harm brought by evil spirits who may have witnessed the birth."Refer to the colonial relationship that exists between the white people(colonisers) and the aboriginal people(colonised). Refer to the power relations that exist between them and how this power is presented i.e. violence ect. Look at the assimilation policy that the white people carried out i.e. taking aboriginal children from their homes and to a white school to teach them how to be English. What are the consequences of this in terms of aboriginal culture (deterioration of).The colonial relationship existing between aboriginals and Europeans at the time were not very good. Before the Europeans came along to colonise Australia, the aboriginals had been living peacefully on their own land, as Australia was their land. They were the first people here, which made Australia their territory and the land rightfully theirs. The Europeans had heard a lot about Australia and when they decided to come here and colonise the land, it probably didn't occur to them that there might already be people living there. Nevertheless, when they did come into contact with the "natives", they tried to communicate with them, yet didn't try hard enough. They realised that the aborigines didn't speak English, yet they continued to talk to them as if they did. Then when they decided to rename the aboriginal territory Western Australia, they couldn't really ask for permission from the aborigines. So they went ahead and did it anyway. By going ahead with this, the Europeans were beginning to show their superiority. "This language barrier prevented a formal discussion; how could a stranger indicate in sign language that he was giving a foreign name to their traditional land? It was an impossible task and the Nyungar men became even more confused with the pointing and waving. Nevertheless, Captain Fremantle continued." The Europeans didn't feel the need to ask permission to rename the land, as they saw themselves as higher then the aborigines and more important.The Europeans were very cocky. They saw themselves as more important then anyone else, especially the aborigines. This was probably because they came from a more advanced country whereas the aborigines were still living in the bush and living off the land and...

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