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Book Review/Report Of Daughters Of Eve By Lois Duncan

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Book ReportThis is a book review/report for the book titled, Daughters of Eve authored by Lois Duncan, an acclaimed suspense and fiction author for young teenagers. This book was originally published in 1990 but was later edited and published in 2011 by Little, Brown Books.The content of the book does relate to the book title, Daughters of Eve, at least according to the theme of the book. The book concerns a teacher-who is advising a group/club of young high school girls-who, in the past have experienced mistreatment from two men. Out of these disappointments, she turns against the entire male gender instead of simply ignoring their mistreatment and moving on with her life. The teacher, uses her twisted logic and ideas to get revenge on those men and advises the girls, the so called "daughters of eve" to do the same on the men mistreating them in their lives (Duncan 46). The biblical Eve ate the forbidden fruit and was able to know the difference between right or wrong; in other words, her mind and eyes were opened. It can be argued that, Duncan Lois, insinuates that, the mistreatment by men in her life were eye and mind opener for her. This is what she teaches and advices the girls, thus the title "Daughters of Eve."I would wish to read other books of the same theme-feminism-as Daughters of Eve. This is because, as depicted in Duncan's book, it is helps one understand the struggles and challenges that young adults of different genders go through, especially in the 1960s. However, I would expect that others authors not overly illustrates the feminism theme in a wrong like Duncan did. Daughters of Eve seem to teach girls that they should take revenge on men who mistreat them, rather than teaching girls of their rights. Therefore, I want to read other books of the same theme-feminism-as long as they should offer some teaching in the form of challenges faced by teenage girls, what is expected of them, what young girls want in life, the rights of young teenage girls and how they can defend those rights.I would recommend this is book to anyone who like suspense because it has suspense that gradually builds, and eventually ends when it offers an account of what became of the characters in the end. With regards to its theme, feminism, I recommend this book to young girls and mothers. According to the author, Lois...

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