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Book Review "The Emergence Of Transnational Cooperation In The Software Industry"

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Nowadays the world is more interconnected than ever, and the businesses that have emerged in the past few decades find the national borders or time-zones irrelevant. Several of those industries are the Software, and Information and Communications Technology. These businesses are not only some of the most internationalised, but they also cooperate quite a lot with Contract Enforcement Institutions, either state-based or autonomous. These establishments are arguably much needed for the efficient and trustworthy work in the modern technology companies. Unsurprisingly, this topic has been widely analysed in the academia, and the chapter on the rise of cross-border collaboration in the software industry, which is going to be reviewed in this paper, is not an exception. Written by two German scholars, the empirical study provides a starting point for new researches and a rather decent introduction to the CEIs. The paper will describe the chapter’s importance in the book and the wider debate. It will also outline its structure, main argument and used evidence. Still, the main purpose of the essay is to critically analyse the chosen chapter, which will be done throughout the whole text and, especially, by the end of the paper.

“Contractual Certainty in International Trade” is a collection of various empirical studies and theory-based debates on the “institutional support for global economic exchanges” . This volume has a large number of contributors (mostly of German-descent) and the main editor – Volkmar Gessner, who is “a retired professor of law and society” (Backhaus 75). The book is structured as follows, there are five empirical studies on a wide range of industries: timber, diamond, software, law and real estate. These cases are followed by several, as the title says, “debates and new approaches”. The book and the analysed chapter are very interdisciplinary and take up not only the economics approach, but also ones of sociology and law. This kind of methodology has caused some criticism from reviewers. For example, Juergen Backhaus states that the author does not ask proper economic questions and even points out Volkner Gessner’s inability to understand the law and economics approach (Backhaus 75). As for the chosen chapter on the cross-border cooperation in the software industry, it fits rather well into the book, as it uses the same sciences for the analysis: sociology, economics and law. The chapter is written by two German authors - Thomas Dietz and Holger Nieswandt - therefore their inquiry is, indeed, mainly concerned with the German software companies that outsource some of the activities abroad. Namely, to Bulgaria, Romania and India. The background of the research is largely based on the ideas of other German sociologists and scholars, such as Max Weber and Fabian Sosa. The chapter follows a clear structure. It begins with an summary of the state of art, where the authors outline the ideas of already-mentioned scholars and argue for...

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