Book Review – "The War Against Boys: How Misguided Feminism Is Harming Our Young Men" By Christina Hoff Sommers

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1. What are the main points/arguments made by the author?Christina Hoff Sommers outlines the constant gender battle and how it affects both sexes in her recent book, “The War Against Boys.” Sommers, a mother of 2 boys, is a moderate feminist. The book provides a plethora of examples in which boys are now and have been for a few decades forgotten. Sommers suggests that our society has been so focused on the success and advancement of young girls and women that we have forgotten about our young boys and men. “The War Against Boys” brings this gender situation to the surface and deals with it accordingly.Sommers references some well-known names, Carol Gilligan and William Pollack, and disagrees with them quite publicly. She often refers to their research as “not scientific.” However, there are some of her advocates that comment the her writings are “Provocative…an important new book…[she] has a keen intellect, a sense of fairness and a deep respect for facts.” Richard Bernstein of The New York Times stated it best, “One may agree with Ms. Sommers or one may disagree, but it is hard not to credit her with a moral urgency that comes both from he head and from the heart.” Thus, the debate within the realm feminism continues.2.What is the evidence presented?The title of this book is very provocative and of course, controversial. Sommers’ ideas and beliefs of feminism seem to be moderate and can therefore accommodate to both sides of the gender spectrum. She explains how the extreme feministic views are hurting young boys and men, just as women were hurt and suppressed years ago. This ideology could be viewed as discrimination of males.Carol Gilligan referred to young girls as being “in a crisis” whereas Sommers cited this claim to be without merit and lacked the appropriate research. Many of her examples of Gilligan’s research and data cite a “bandwagon” approach to this issue where we as society needed to help these young women and girls improve their self-esteem and image to help them succeed in life. Through all of this care and concern for females, Sommers believes we were losing sight of our males and their future.For the most part, men have dominated society, whether that be in the homes, the workplace or the finances. Women, until recent years, have been mainly viewed as moms and caregivers. Society is changing – for both men and women. More women than ever are in the work force, earning degrees and even becoming the breadwinners in their family. Even with all of this progress of the women’s movement, Sommers argues that the men are “getting left behind,” so to speak. She believes this is evident in the way young boys act, carry themselves and progress (or lack thereof) through school. She cites that many young boys are slower than their female...

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