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Mark Twain


E. W. Kemble


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Satirical novel

plotMeet Huckleberry Finn, a boy who was taken in by a town widow and her sister (guess they didn't have child services in those days; just widows that did good deeds). Huck is not really a fan of being told what to do, but he tolerates his guardian and goes to school and learns to read.Keep in mind that child custody wasn't easy in those days, and soon Huck's alcoholic father comes back to town in order to get the money that Huck received in the first book. A local judge rules that Huck gets to stay with the widow, and the dad doesn't like this one bit…so he kidnaps his own son.Huck doesn't like being a prisoner (obviously). He fakes his death and hides out on an island in the river. That's where he runs into a slave named Jim, who is also in hiding. We gotta respect Huck at this point - during the height of American slavery, the kid doesn't tell on Jim but rather decides to help him run away.The buddies head down the river, seeking a passageway to the Free states like Ohio. Without GPS in those days, navigation was tricky and the guys accidentally end up farther down the Mississippi river and deeper into the slave-ridden South.Along the way, the guys meet two white con artists who cause a lot of trouble in the towns the group visits, eventually going as far as to sell Jim into slavery. Huck takes action and decides to free Jim.Now things get a little soap opera-ish: the family that owns Jim is Tom Sawyer's aunt and uncle. To free Jim, Huck pretends to be Tom, and when Tom actually arrives for a visit, Tom pretends to be his younger brother Sid.Nevertheless, after a mission to free Jim that ends up with Tom getting shot in the leg, Tom reveals that Jim was actually free all along (his former owner's decision), and Tom was just playing around. Needless to say, Huck is a little more emotionally invested in the well-being of Jim than Tom is.THE GREAT EXPECTATIONS

Charles Dickens


United Kingdom




Realistic fiction, social criticism

PLOTThe story revolves around the year 1812. A 6-year old orphan boy Philip Pirrip (known as Pip) was raised by his sister and her husband. Joe Gargery (Pip's sister's husband) was a blacksmith and a kind man. His sister Mrs. Joe had nothing good to say to Pip. Pip was a boy without any expectations. One December afternoon day he happens to meet a convict in the churchyard, who scares Pip to steal food for him and get a file to free him from his leg shackles. Pip stole some food items and a bottle of brandy from his sister's house - this was his first act of guilt.During one of the visit of Uncle Pumblechook, he introduced Pip to Miss Havisham. This visit changed Pip's life. Miss Havisham was an unmarried old lady who was abandoned on her wedding day. Pip develops a strong crush for Estella...

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