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My first book choice was a particularly easy choice to make. As a young child my dreams often wandered to the skies and I have aspired to be a pilot ever since. Becoming one the United States Air Force’s elite pilots must be among every young man’s dreams at some point in his life. Unfortunately for myself, I found out this year that I am not medically qualified to become an Air Force pilot but that I am restricted to the commercial industry. Nevertheless, I still look up to and have great respect and admiration towards the brave men and women of our nations Armed Services. I hope this have given you a more personal look at why I have chosen to write my review on this book.
United States Air Force Lieutenant Colonel (retired) Dan Hampton is one of the most decorated fighter pilots the skies have ever seen. His book Viper Pilot takes you on an uncensored journey into the cockpit of his Block 50 F-16 Fighting Falcon during his 20 year career protecting our servicemen and women from high above the battlefield. This book caught my undivided attention because of the extraordinary way in which it was composed. Colonel Hampton takes you right to the edge of the action and gives you the sensation that you in the cockpit with him on each palm sweating mission.
Col Hampton begins this journey by explaining to his audience the responsibility with which he was entrusted during his career: a “Wild Weasel” pilot. These squadrons were the elite, the best of the best in the Air Force. Tasked with destroying SAM (Surface to Air Missile) sites, this is one of the most dangerous assignments a pilot can receive. Col Hampton has been called “The most lethal F-16CJ Wild Weasel in the United States Air Force. The danger associated with this task is portrayed throughout the book in ways that you can not imagine until you sit down and read it. You simply will not be able to put it down. I read this book in just under 2 days and that was with class and other responsibilities interrupting me. You become so immersed in the action that you become part of the story.
Col Hampton takes you through his training days beginning in 1986 at Vance Air Force Base in Enid, Oklahoma. Having lived in Oklahoma my entire life I wanted to read a book about someone who's contribution to our nations military history began in the great state of Oklahoma. Hampton does a...

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