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Book Summary Essay

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The pages start with a rumor that Hitler is dead, giving Elli hope. They are herded into a train where Elli takes care of her mother and panics when her mother falls unconscious. Once they reach Auschwitz, Elli’s mother revives, and Elli finds out the rumor isn’t true. Her mother tells Elli that to leave her behind in the train, but Elli doesn’t want to leave her, and gets her to keep going. While walking, an SS officer asks her mother if she can work, and Elli becomes nervous when her mother doesn’t answer. She tells her to speak, and Elli is relieved when the guard leaves. Once inside the camp, they are painfully given tattoos of numbers on their arms. While lying down on her bunks ...view middle of the document...

They arrive in Augsburg, and are told of the better conditions. They find things they never had, like hot water and delicious food, and Elli thinks that she’s in heaven. Elli talks about life in the camp, and her mother’s condition. She talks about her work and the tests the objects go through before reaching the leader with the final product. She’s happy when it’s successful, but sad because they work against themselves. Later, they are given sweaters, but Elli finds out her sweater was someone else’s, and is tormented by the fact she is wearing someone’s sweater who might’ve died. When going to work, Elli and seven others sneak out and hide. They turn themselves in when it’s said they’re missing. As punishment, they stand without food until midnight. They return, and Elli’s mother tries to give her soup, but Elli says she’ll only eat if her mother eats. In rage, her mother dumps the soup. That day, Elli’s father dies.


1. In the book, Elli tries to tell the people in the bunk above them to move off the broken plank, have you ever tried to tell someone something you felt was important, but was never listened to? What did you try to tell them?

2. In the book, the children of the camp are told about the gas chambers, but they don’t believe it, even though it’s true. Have you ever not believed something that was told to you, even though it was true?

3. Elli and three of her friends try and get her mother out of the infirmary, even though there is the risk that if they get caught, they’ll be killed. Have you ever done something even though there was a risk and consequence involved? Were you caught or did you get away with it?

4. When trying to leave with her mother, Elli is denied, and isn’t allowed to go through the gate. Have you ever been denied something that you wanted? What was it? Explain the incident.

5. While in the shower, Elli snaps because a SS guard hurts her mother and attacks the guard. Have you or someone else ever done something without thinking? What was it?

6. In the book, there is a man named Heer Zerkubel, who is the master of the Augsburg, and people are afraid of him. Have you ever been afraid of someone? Why were you afraid of them?


Question 2: When I was younger, I was very carefree, and didn’t really think very much about what was going on around me. I would always just play with my friends, and didn’t actually look at what was going on in the world, neither did I really care. Then, I started out learning about how cruel the real world was. My parents told me sometimes about how there were a lot of people who were very hungry and didn’t have any food. I didn’t actually believe them and thought that they were only trying to feel bad, but as I grew older I began to see the realities of life. I loved learning about history, and as I learned more and more my sense of the world being perfect started to really lower as I learned...

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