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The literary work of Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre was published on December 21st, 1847. The book became very popular within the audience and highly recognized. Several films were released, one in the year of 1996 and another in 2011. The film based from the book version contained identical parts presented originally but with notable modifications. These changes often create a different effect of both versions. The comparison between the book Jane Eyre and the film adaptation released in 2011 contained the similar storyline however different in that some characters and scenes are portrayed differently.
The details in the film created a contrasting perspective to the book. First, the school ...view middle of the document...

Sarah Poole is a significant character because she is a suspect of having to do with the incident at Thornfield Hall: the fire and the stabbing as opposed to the film, which did not had this scene as developed and not very much touched upon. After Jane Eyre knew of the fortune inherited from her relative, she shared it with her “new’ relatives St.Johns Rivers and his sisters (learned they were her relatives). The book starts with Jane’s early years of life (childhood) and progresses the storyline as she gets older in chronological order as oppsed to the flashback used in the film. The scene when Rochester disguises himself as the fortuneteller is included in this version. The ending is slightly modified by Rochester gaining sight in an eye instead of being completely blind in both eyes. Though, the characters and scenes were different, the storyline was identical in both versions
The similarities created a balance between the two opposing versions.
The external appearance of Jane in both versions highlighted her importance in the story as she was described “as being unremarkable in the way she looks.” The school Lowood is portrayed as having firmly strict rules to follow and...

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