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Booklet The Displays All The Infor For Employee And Employer Rights And Responsibilities.

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PAGEIdentify the skills required2Identify the qualities of employees required3Flow chart4Employee responsibilities5Employee Rights6Employer Responsibilities8Team Members Acknowledgement10Bibliography11?A grasp of ?the big picture? so that you know what sort of work you would be doing.?Ability to understand software programs such as, Linux/Unix, Perl, C, C++ or Java, PHP, MySQL and HTML.?And understanding or knowledge of TCP/IP program.?Ability to train new employees and be keen on database design and structures.?Good interpersonal skills?Ability to work in a group?Ability to design software as a group.IDENTIFY THE QUALITIES OF EMPLOYEES REQUIREDFLOW CHART Pathway for Software Engineer CompanyChief Executive OfficerManagerAssistant ManagerSupervisorStuff MembersStarting PointEMPLOYEE RESPONSIBILITIESEMPLOYER RESPONSIBILITIESThe Regulations concerning noise require an employer, in consultation with employees, to:?Assess the level of risk to employees from excessive noise in the workplace?Ensure that employees are not exposed to noise levels that exceed the exposure standard?this may require the implementation of noise control measures that could include the use of personal hearing protectors?Ensure that noise control measures are properly maintained?Ensure that employees are appropriately supervised and provided with information and training about noise control measures.EMPLOYEE RESPONSIBILITIESThe Regulations concerning noise require an employee to:?Comply with noise control measures implemented in the workplace?Use a personal hearing protector, if provided by the employer?Report to the employer any defect in noise control equipment or personal hearing protector.DESIGNER, MANUFACTURER, SUPPLIER AND IMPORTER RESPONSIBILITIESAll designers, manufacturers, importers and suppliers must ensure that equipment is designed, constructed and supplied so that when properly installed and used it does not produce noise above the exposure standard. This applies to providers of second-hand equipment and persons hiring or leasing equipment.Information must be provided to purchasers on the noise produced by equipment and instructions must be supplied on appropriate installation, maintenance and use to reduce noise.EMPLOYEE RIGHTSSexual HarassmentAll staff has the right to work in an environment free from sexual harassment, which can briefly described as any unwanted sexual advance by or offensive to the recipient. As a staff member, you should be aware of your behaviour towards other staff and patients and make sure that you do not behave in any way that could be regarded as harassment.You are encouraged to report any incident of sexual harassment to your manager, if you do not feel for any reason that he/she is not the appropriate person. Any complaint will be dealt with promptly, impartially, sensitively and in the strictest confidenceRight to join a UnionsUnions can provide a range of benefits to their members for a regular subscription fee. However, you do not...

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