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Bookreport Communicatiing For A Change

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My book report is on “Communicating for a Change” by Andy Stanley and. The key idea is when your preaching seems weak and frustrating, cut your sermon to one point. Why? it helps you condense the goal of your preaching.
Just make your sermon say one thing. If you need cover an idea that has more than more point. break up your sermon into to a series of sermons. They say most sermons have a series stuffed into them and no one catches any of it. If they miss part of the series they still caught more of the Word then they would if they where assaulted by a whole multi-point sermon.
He admits they will be times that muilt-point sermons maybe OK. But he does not give many times when that is. ...view middle of the document...

Cut them until just what needs to be said is. Most people have no attention span, you go too long you just lose the audience.
While writing the sermon ask these questions:
1. What they need to know-information
2. Why do they need to know it-motivation
3. What do they need to do-application
4. Why do they need to do it-inspiration
5. What can I do to help them remember-reiteration
Forgo the normal outline in the pulpit. Instead they say organize your sermon this way: Me-We-God-You-We.
ME this part orients the congregation toward what you are talking about. It helps them find common with them. It helps the audience not just think you are not just talking at them.
WE now help them identify the biblical need. We create a tension that helps make them want application. We are transitioning from introduction and set-up to the body of the sermon.
GOD this is where we share the Word. You may only read a verse or two but you make sure you share it accurately. Tell them what the whole text unit is, this might be good for your Bible studies to cover over the week.
YOU this is where you give realistic application. There is one application but you produce various examples of what this application looks like. If you teach on how to reach the poor some groups might be called to give money while others work one-on-one with the poor, but that is still the one application of helping the poor. We have just fine tuned the application to their place in life.
WE inspire the congregation to live out the application in the conclusion of the sermon. We are giving them the vision to do. As we conclude this sermon we illustrate here to help drive them to want to live out the application.
The authors say the preaching is much more effective when there are no visible notes. They call it internalizing the message, that is preaching with so much passionate simplicity that it just pours out of the preacher. You would have notes while planning, but the burden would takeover so that the knowledge is part of you. This not as much rehearsing as it is a single-minded focus on the topic. However some parts of the sermon are rehearsed verbatim.
They do say if something is really important to say perfectly it is ok to write those down.
Write the slug lines and well crafted important statements down. sometimes reading emphasizes it importance. Also it is OK to put the stories down on paper, but do not let know you are reading that. A short list of transitions and AV cues again make these invisible.
If you wrap the whole sermon in story you will get the audiences attention. If pair the sermon with a plot twist it keeps the sermon from feeling formulaic. Just make sure the story supports the Scripture and is not story time. Using skill keep the audience from feeling like you are dumping information on them. Only the best preaching can give a simply informational sermon and keep their attention. But sometimes people want to know about what the Word says on a...

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