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Bookreport On The Spy Who Came

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This story, set during the cold war, is about a British spy, Leamas, who is controlling the spy actions against the east block (or ?zone?) from West-Berlin. After he lost one agent after the other to his opponent Mundt of the counter-espionage of the ?party?, he returns back to London where he and Control (a man of high rank in the British espionage network) come up with a plot against Mundt. Their Plan was to get Leamas to ?betray? London and sell information to his opponent which indirectly accused Mundt of being a London agent. They hoped that a man named Fiedler, who hates and works with Mundt and is probably just waiting for a chance like this, will catch on and together with the information he?s going to obtain from Leamas and the information he has already obtained himself will successfully accuse Mundt of betrayal. To the outside it should look as if Leamas was fired due to his failures and would start to become an alcoholic. He then went jobbing and ended up working as a Library assistant, where he meets Liz, a young woman who is also working at the Library. The two become lovers and Leamas finds out that she is part of the ?party?. He then starts a fight with a shop owner and ends up in prison, all of this was part of a big plan to get Fiedler to come to Leamas and not vice versa. The plan is successful and Fiedler comes into contact with Leamas and interrogates him. He is then brought to East-Germany where he is used as a witness during a secret trial against Mundt. Everything is successful until the defence calls Liz up as a witness. Leamas doesn?t know how they found out about her and the trial fails as he, through his actions, told Liz a little to much and as they didn?t tell her what the case was she couldn?t, although she wanted to, accuse Mundt or defend Leamas as she didn?t know if and what he was accused for. Leamas is then imprisoned as well as Fiedler and Liz. During the night Leamas and Liz are freed and brought to a car by Mundt, who tells them that he is really a London agent and this whole thing was planned to stop suspicion as Fiedler was getting very close to finding out his secret. He tells them that they thought it was safer if they didn?t know and he sends a man with them to help them over the wall. As Leamas is just on top of the wall and stretches out a hand to help Liz up, the lights go on and Liz is shot. She was a risk which Mundt didn?t want to take. Leamas then didn?t jump over the wall but jumped back to Liz and is shoot shortly after her.Leamas is a short man with close, iron-grey hair and the physique of a swimmer. He is very strong which one could see in the powerful back of his shoulders, in his neck and in his hands and fingers. Some people say that he looks very Irish but it is hard to really place him. He is divorced and there were children which are now in their teens. Leamas himself is around fifty now. And all through the book people always mention that they notice that he is a proud man. Another...

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