Books And Positive Development In Society

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Schopenhauer asserts that those who have “made direct use of the book” have contributed to the positive development of society. Not only does Schopenhauer’s statement relate to a book, but it can be extrapolated to apply to media, in general. This statement can be qualified by the practical applications of religious texts, the role of media in its method of displaying information, and political indoctrination and dissent.
For secular nations, those with a separation of church and state, religious texts are not utilized in maintaining the function and order of a society. In contrast, religious texts are the “Constitution” of a non-secular society, like that of the Vatican. The Vatican is a sacerdotal-monarchical state, which means that it is ruled by the Bishop of Rome, the Pope (Papal rule). For those who follow Catholicism, a sect of Christianity, the Pope is their spiritual leader. The Pope is the head of the Universal Church, and he governs the Universal Church to maintain that all Catholics will be in communion and represent what Jesus founded: The One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church. The Bible, the holy text of the Christians, guides the lives of the Pope, the inhabitants of Vatican City, and other devout Christians alike. The Bible teaches followers of the Christian faith moral values, human virtues, social charity, etc (this list is not comprehensive). Then, followers attempt to incorporate these important values into their daily life and contribute to the bettering of society, sometimes even through significant financial contributions to the destitute. Not only is this the case with the followers of the Christian faith, but this is also the case with followers of the Jewish, Islāmic, and Hindu faiths (this list is not comprehensive as I have limited knowledge of the number of faiths in existence). As Schopenhauer appropriately claims, people [followers of a certain faith] who have utilized a [religious] book in practical applications of life have contributed to the welfare of humanity.
However, some forms and types of media have caused its viewers to be misinformed. Media bias, which demonstrates the expression of political agenda and viewpoints by reporters, causes viewers to receive adulterated facts. When [incumbent] President Obama was a senator, before 2008, The Washington Post held an interview with him regarding the senator’s opinion on the redistribution of wealth and the radical nature of the Supreme Court. The Washington Post withheld the interview from the public, as in the interview, [then] Senator Obama expressed his view that “our institutions are poorly equipped to”…” [bring] about major...

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