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Books Of Ivy Essay

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Khloe carefully stepped out into the cold, blustery May afternoon, the wind whipping her chocolate colored hair across her tan face, a pair of sea green eyes peering through the heavy rain. Ahead of her loomed a large greenhouse, its green sides of glass reflecting the few rays of sunlight that managed to pierce through the wall of clouds that hovered over her town. Sprinting the last few steps to the greenhouse, and eager to get out of the cold, Khloe fumbled with the door’s handle. Eventually throwing open the door of the greenhouse, she cursed the weather, but knew that it would be much more reasonable to blame herself.
Khloe caused the bad weather that had plagued her town, Louth, ...view middle of the document...

Then he spoke, “The gate is there for a reason, young girl. If you wish to enter the building beyond, you will bring a curse upon us all.”
It was with a deep, gravely voice that he delivered this news, and by his gestures, Khloe deduced that the curse would be brought upon the whole town of Louth. But Khloe, annoyed that the old man seemed to look down upon her, snapped at him, “Fine! Be that way. I’ll find help elsewhere.”
The old man slowly shuffled off after hearing her comment, muttering angrily about the attitudes of “young people these days.”
Khloe, even more curious about the fence now that the old man forbid her to go through it, walked another loop around the fence. This time, something caught on her shoelace, and as she looked down, she saw that there was a heavy, metal lever, seemingly growing out of the ground. Khloe kicked the lever angrily to free her foot from it, and as she did that, the lever turned and the fence sank into the ground!
Striding forward confidently, knowing that she could reach the glass building, Khloe saw a greenhouse, magnificent and beautiful, standing so tall that it seemed to reach to the heavens, like the gothic cathedrals that once stood near Louth. Walking up to the front of the greenhouse, Khloe flung open the glass door, but her feet were immediately ensnared by overgrown, dark green vines. Another hop forward in an attempt to free her feet led her upper body to also be ensnared.
The vegetation that Khloe believed were stationary were actually moving, tying knots around Khloe to secure her. Khloe, frantic now, thrashed about and mentally berated herself for not paying heed to the old man’s words.
A thin green vine, of a lighter color than the rest, snaked towards her, balancing a book on its tip. The book was immediately knocked away by the dark green ones nearby, but it came back, surrounded by more, keeping the book in a cage that the dark green vines couldn’t penetrate. They wrapped themselves around her and held the book in front of Khloe, offering it to her. Khloe just sat there, frozen, unable to decide what she should do. She was standing in a room of moving plants, and seemed to be in the crossfire of an argument between the two types.
One of the thin, light green ones, or as Khloe began to call them simply, light vines gently tapped her on the shoulder and mimed reading the book aloud by forming a mouth-like shape. As she started reading, a dark red light began to radiate around her and the plant that had trapped Khloe, or as Khloe called them, dark vines, shrank away. More reading led to the darker colored verdure disappearing altogether. The light vines shaped themselves into a chair for Khloe to sit on after seeing that she was safe.
The book itself contained poems of storms, pieces of writing so gloomy yet beautiful, that Khloe paused a few times in the middle of her reading. But at the beckoning of the light vines, she finished the book, all 100 pages of it, a maroon aura glowing about...

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