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“Can you believe how Demitri disappeared in the caves like that!? He’s got to be dead by now, I mean they found is steak broken on the floor,” Darrell tolled Jamie the next morning after see the coolest and latest Vampire Academy movie. Jamie rolled her eyes and kept walking, but Darrell kept going, “And Rose just ran n after him. Who knows what could have been in that cave? A strigoi could have jumped her and she would have never seen it coming,” Darrell explained. Jamie was getting tiered of Darrell’s ravings and suddenly blurted out, “Demitri and the strigoi where not in the caves any more when Rose ran in after him, and he is not dead they turned him. He is strigoi now, and the next movie will be Rose leaving the academy to go find him.” Darrell gasped, “How do you know? You haven’t even seen the movie yet?” Jamie smiled, feeling bad for having ruined it for her friend. “I read the whole series last year.” This is not the first time that Jamie has accidently ruined a movie for her friend Darrell, who never reads. Jamie makes her priority to always read the book before seeing the movies. Although many people would argue that movies show more in-depth to a book and are worth waiting to see instead of reading the book, books are easier to come by, give more insight, information, and give a better understanding of the message that the author intended to give readers while captivating people in ways that a screen never could.
Books are better than movies because they do not have scratches. Once a DVD is scratched it is of little value, and it can be difficult to replace. Book, however, are easy to find and cost the same as a DVD. They do not become scratched, and are easy to replace. The closest a book can come to being scratched is when the pages are folded, which can be easily avoided with proper storage of it. Samantha once came across a movie she had not seen in a while and in fact forgot she owned it. Excitedly she took the DVD and played it right away. Just as the movie was starting it began to skip, and became difficult to watch. Sam decided to take the DVD out and whip it off, thinking that would help. Instead, the DVD became far more scratched, and it was ruined. The movie was no good anymore and Sam had to buy a new copy. However when trying to find another copy of her favorite movie, Sam found that there were none to buy. DVD’s as it turns out, only come out for sale once and then periodically after that for anniversary dates. Once they are not high in sales it can be almost impossible to find it again unless you buy it online. Books on the other hand, are always available, and never become damaged with scratches. This is just one of the many ways that books are superior to movies.
In movies audiences can be surprised by sudden plot twist that they may not have seen coming. Books, although they can have many surprises, do not have this problem as often. Books do need to have surprises every now and then to keep the readers the...

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