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Generally, movie adaptations of books are not exact replicas of the original. The reason is mainly that the original storyline needs to be modified in order to quench the audience's thirst for action, whereas those who read books usually enjoy the slow, steady build-up of a valuable plot which will never be replaced by movies. Moreover, books allow the reader’s imagination to roam free, but movies can offer a new and different perspective. The fictional novel The Sword in the Stone by T.H. White and its animated counterpart, also named The Sword in the Stone, by Disney are no exception. The animated adaptation includes several similar features as well as different elements, as shown in the plot events and the characters, which are essentially the deciding components in deciding which form of the story is superior.
First, the plot indicates some similar structures as well as different events. One example of a difference is the scene in the novel in which the Wart travels into the forest in order to “bring Cully,” the goshawk, back to Hob, whereas in the movie, the Wart ventures into the forest to retrieve an arrow that Kay shot. It indicates that the reasons behind the actions differ, despite the fact that the actions themselves are the same. The scene is an instance of a critical difference between the book and the movie because it is fundamental for the exposition, even if it looks insignificant at first. Although there are differences between the two, there are also many similarities, as shown when the Wart is transformed into different animals in order to experience and learn about important lessons. For example, the Wart learns to not “be tyrannical,” from being a badger in the novel, and about the powers of love from being a squirrel in the movie. Even though the lessons in themselves are not exactly the same, the plot structure remains relatively similar. Such similarities shows that the movie-makers attempted to remain as close to the original storyline as possible, despite the minor changes. These seemingly trivial modifications occur not only in the plot structure, but also in the characters.
Secondly, the characters appear mostly the same, but when one takes a closer look, their particular roles amongst each other are not depicted the same in the movie as it is in the...

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