Boom,Pow,Bang!:A Useful Outlook On Video Games

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Violent video games have been impacting society in both positive and negative ways throughout the years.Since video games also have harmful elements,the question lingers should violent video games be banned or left alone?
Video games have become a popular topic of interest to many people,not just the youth community.Video games,especially violent ones,are also a popular way of entertainment to many who enjoy the thrill of being involved in a story or event.Though there may be detrimental details surrounding video games,violent video games are beneficial because video games improve a persons mental release and improve various skills and abilities.

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S armed forces.This proves video games encourage improvement in these skills that are needed later on or in certain jobs.As you can see enhancing abilities like these can useful in positive ways.
On the other hand some research suggests video games decreases emotional sensitivity in children.The article “Impact of Video games on this generation “states,”That violent video games can make children less sensitive to pain.”This shows that kids are being desensitised over time by video games and thats its taking their emotion of pain because they are shown such violence and gore in the video games that it takes that aspect of them away.Proven by the article,”Video Games Have no effect on children’s behavior ,New study Finds” by Abigail Elise concludes , that long term exposure to video games do not lead to behavior problems like deficit disorder or depression.This proves that video games don't get rid or water down their emotions and that it doesn't make them develope disorders or any other behavioral problems.In...

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