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Boosting Boosters Essay

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In 2011 there were 650 deaths of children who were not properly buckled or in a car seat
when riding in a vehicle, with the use of a booster that could have been extremely reduced. Families are out on road trips so much more than in the past, which means that children are in the car far more than they used to be (“Booster ...” 1). Almost 7, 000 children were involved in accidents in 2006 and 45% of them were not restrained and received fatal injuries (“Statistics...” 6). In 2006, there were approximately 5 child fatalities daily (“Statistics...” 2).This number could be lowered if children would be placed in proper booster or car seats for their age and buckled soundly. Most children that ...view middle of the document...

..” 3). The booster raises a child up so that the vehicle's lap and shoulder belts properly restrain a child while in a vehicle (“Booster ...” 2). In 2006, the lives of 425 children were saved because of using some type of restraint (“Statistics...” 5). Seat belts and boosters together create a more sound protection for children.
When a seat belt and booster are used together there is a major drop in fatalities and injuries in children. Between 1975 and 2003, approximately 60,000 lives have been saved from fatalities in accidents due to the use of car seats and boosters (“Do...” 2). An article stated, “Research by the child safety community, automakers and medical professionals that conclude child safety seats are far more effective than seat belts alone at preventing death and injury to children in car accidents”(“Do...” 1). Boosters and seat belts are vital to the protection of a child in a vehicle. Fatalities can be reduced by 71% in infants and 45% in preschoolers with the use of a car seat or booster (“Child Passenger Safety Statistics” 1). Booster and car seats provide not only protection from fatalities, but also for serious spinal and neck injuries (“Do...” 4). Car Seats and boosters do not protect from all fatalities or injuries, but they do provide an added layer of protection (“Do ...” 3). Use of a booster with seat belts lowers risk of injury for children by 45% (“Booster...” 5).
The booster can only do its job, when installed properly and free from defects. Using a defective car seat or booster is another common mistake that undermines the safety of the device (“Child Passenger Safety Statistics” 6). When the booster is installed properly and not defective, it provides the safety that the child needs to keep them secure even in an accident. Installation of car seats in the car is vitally important to the booster or car seat functionality (“Child Passenger Safety” 5). Often the use of seat belts and booster seat restraints are not used correctly (“Child Passenger Safety” 3). According to the CDC, “One study found that 72% of nearly 3,500 observed car and booster seats were misused in a way that could be expected to increase a child’s risk of injury during a crash”(“Child Passenger Safety”...

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