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The Boot and Saddle has risen form the dead as a bar, restaurant and music venue. The Boot and Saddle has a long and interesting history on south Broad and seen the up and downs of the urban life cycle. It was our only country and western bar for years. It hosted mostly local talent and was a watering hole for the Navy when the Yard was a large active Naval Base. The bar was owned by Pete DelBorrello a respected business owner of the bar and other establishments in this neighborhood. With the closing, it sat vacant for 15 plus years before being reopened by the folks who own Union Transfer.

A friend and I ventured to the Boot and Saddle on Saturday to check out the venue and see a ...view middle of the document...

A want to make a special note about the lead singer who voice had legs, powerful with a range fromm top to bottom. She was accompaed by a slide guitar player and a mutil-talented performer who sang and played many instruments including a mean fiddle. This nite two of the songs they performed “Traveling Song” and “Ladybird.” All of their 6/7 songs were more than worth 12.00 ticket if no other act performed. They did the job they were hired to do, warm us up and they did.

Next up was Mason Porter out of West Chester, Pa.. I noted the name of three of the four band mates, sorry to the drummer, she drove the pace and pulse of the performance. Their music is a very strong country/Americana style with very tight three part harmony. Tom Cello is on bass and vocals, Joe D'Amico is on mandolin, guitar and vocals, and Paul Wilkins is on guitar and vocals. The stand up bass and the mandolin are the main ingredients of this nicely crafted bit of down home, foot tapping and dancing second course of this three part meal of Americana. They have an album available n Amazon. On this night they performed 10 or so songs. Their “Hangman, “ “Looking For A Home,” “Coming Home” are, I believe, off their album ' Mason Porter.” The audience in the concert venue was well over 100 and got into the music especially into “Now I Know For Sure” and I think the title was “Angle Song.” The acoustics in the hall are really the best and this group took advantage with a very fine performance. They are a down home group of folks who inspired the audience to stomp, dance and just move to the fast paced high intensity nature of their tunes.

I have been following the Vulcans since they won the Phila. Songwriter Series competition. I went to see them at The Granite Run Mall and at World Cafe Philly. Over the last year or so I have watch them hone their skills as performers. They were very good form the beginning, however, the production value has improved immensely. Their superlative three part harmony has more depth while also adding new twists that...

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